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Searching for Wholesale Bundles and Bulk Goods with Deeply Discounted Prices. We have the Best Products and Prices for Retailers, Women's and Family Resource Centers, Law Enforcement, Security Professionals, Charities and Civilians for Sale On Line that Will Provide the Peace of Mind you Need.

We recognize the need to offer wholesale bulk and bundle packages for the customers searching to provide self defense and security protection to large volumes of people such as Women's and Family Resource Centers, Charities Law Enforcement, Professional Security Companies, Retailers and Civilians.
The various wholesale and bundle good packages have been developed based on you and all of the self defense and security requests we have received. We have deeply discounted all of the self defense security, surveillance and survival packages for the companies that have a need to provide protection to large volumes of people. Each of these wholesale good options are the best products offered for sale on line with the same warranty as all of our single good sales.

Exclusive new offers - We now offer custom, unique sales counter displays with proven sales history. Furthermore, we have posted with each offer the MSRP that includes your costs, profits and ROI. Each one of these displays is guaranteed to sell themselves when palced on your sales counters. For more details visit our Lifestyle pages and or reach out to us direct support@selfdefenseproductsinc.com
Whether you are looking for one item or a large number of items, we are your on line store that will provide you the best prices, products and customer service that is second to none. Should your needs for Security Self Defense, Surveillance or Survival not be referenced, please either call us or email  with your specific security need and we will quickly respond with an offer that will exceed your expectations.

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