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UFO Home/Personal Alarm
UFO Home/Personal Alarm
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UFO Home/Personal Alarm 

The UFO ALARM is the most versatile personal/home alarm that we carry.

It's easy to set-up and operate in any of these scenarios:

• Burglar alarm: patented and innovative design allows the alarm to be armed from the outside using the alligator clip and rubber shim
• Door/Window alarm: use the alligator clip to secure your doors and windows
• Drawer/Cupboard alarm: use the alligator clip to protect your private documents and valuables
• Personal alarm: if you're threatened, press the panic button or pull the wrist strap to activate alarm
• Bag alarm: if your bag or purse is snatched, the alarm will sound
• Flashlight: a bright light projects from the bottom of the alarm.

• 120dB alarm
• Alligator clip
• Rubber shim
• Short and long wrist strap
• Keychain
• 12V battery
• Screwdriver.

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