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Truck Driver Highway Safety and Emergency Preparedness

Short and Long-haul trucking is vital and crucial for our economy and US Citizens rely heavily on their delivery of goods and unfortunately, truck driving is one of the most risky.

Recent reports released from the National Highway and Traffic Safety Administration, show that there were in excess of 100,000 injuries and more than 300,000 accidents involving large trucks. The top 10 Most Dangerous Jobs, truck driving was ranked number 8.

Common Truck Driver Safety Includes
  1. Blind spots when driving
  2. Reduced speeds constructions zones
  3. Load cargo stacks and weights
  4. Reduced speeds on curves
  5. Adjust for bad weather conditions
  6. Take good care of yourself
How to take care of yourself." Unfortunately, unforeseen dangers can await even the most safety conscious careful drivers.
  • Truck Break-downs requiring road assistance
  • Significant weather events lead to being stranded
  • Carjacking trucks
  • Highway Robbery
  • Disaster Strikes - Emergency Survival When Disaster Strikes

Though none of these are pleasant topics to think about, truck drivers must be prepared for any or all of these scenarios to occur. Self Defense Products Inc specializes in all areas of preparedness. See our vast selection of options that will keep you safe and secure as you navigate the highways.

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