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Taser, the same handheld self defense product used by law enforcement provides you personal protection from the distance. Each model for sale on line is top rated, small, non-lethal and ideal for women and men.

According to the Department of Justice, several categories of crime are on the upswing this year. Among them is assaults against women. Robbery, particularly of cell phones, and so-called "knockout game" assaults are on the increase too. Women are historically the targets of violence in 90% of the cases which is the main reason why they need to carry self-defense products with them at all times.
When considering which nonlethal self-defense product to buy, women should consider tasers because they are the strongest electric hand-held self-defense product available. They need look no further than any policeman in the United States for a recommendation.
There are several things that every police officer carries with him on his utility belt when he's on duty. The most obvious thing is a handgun. But not every situation calls for a lethal solution. That is why there are so many nonlethal alternatives in a policeman's arsenal of weapons. The one that gets the most publicity is the Taser.
Tasers are small, electric handheld defense devices that are battery-operated and produce a nonlethal electric shock that can immobilize an assailant long enough for the victim to get away. They shoot out two barbed probes that can penetrate clothing up to 15 feet away. They use low voltage and high wattage with near 100% efficiency in taking down an assailant. It is the strongest nonlethal self-defense weapon available for women.
Our online store has the best selection of X 26, C2 and other Taser models for sale all at discounted prices. The C2 Taser represents the smallest model in the Taser line. It was specifically developed for personal use by women. It does all the same things that law enforcement models do but it is much smaller and cheaper.

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