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Men and Women Get the Protection You Need to Stop Would Be Attackers by Buying a Small Hand Held Taser. Our On Line Company offers the Newest Models that are Legal to Carry and For Sale for An Affordable Cheap Discount Price.

Taser International is a company based in Scottsdale Arizona that manufactures and distributes the most common and widely used electroshock gun-the Taser. It uses Neural Muscular Incapacitation (NMI) to impair muscular control. Shaped pulse technology utilizes a high voltage leading edge to penetrate barriers such as clothing around the body followed by a lower voltage stimulation pulse to cause this Neuro Muscular Incapacitation.

It is a handheld nonlethal weapon that is used by over 17,000 police departments in the United States and in 11 foreign countries. For personal civilian use, C2Taser models are a favorite for women. The M 26C and X 26C models are patterned after police versions and are bigger than the C2 model. But they all do the same thing!

They shoot out two Taser darts that are barbed which means they can penetrate clothing. They shoot up to 15 feet away which provides long-range self-defense.

You can buy Taser guns similar to the ones the police use but you must be able to pass a background check before the product is activated and ready to use. The instructions that come with the Taser gun show you how to safely use the product.

The Taser gun is the most effective nonlethal weapon for men and for women and their self-defense with near 100% effectiveness. They are not legal in every state. Some states have laws that outlaw them.

The best place to buy them and other nonlethal self-defense weapons is at our online store. We have a great selection of these handheld low-voltage high amperage products for men and for women at discounted prices. We also have accessories such as holsters which is the best way for carrying these personal protection and self-defense Taser guns.
Black TASER C2 ECD - Basic PackageBlack TASER C2 ECD - Basic PackageTaser C2 Basic Model - See the New Advanced Technology Pulse Model That Repalces the C2 Once All Sold.
Black TASER C2 ECD - Gold PackageBlack TASER C2 ECD - Gold Package

Taser C2 Gold Model - See the New Advanced Technology Pulse Model That Repalces the C2 Once All Sold.

Taser - StrikelightTaser - StrikelightTaser Strikelight Rechargeable High Intensity Flashlight Stun Gun.
Taser BoltTaser BoltNew Advanced Technology Taser Bolt (Repalces Taser C2 Basic and Gold Models).
TASER M26cTASER M26cThe Taser M26C Popular Taser for Professionals - Law Enforcement - Bail Enforcement Officers and Civilians 
Taser PulseTaser PulseLimited Time Offer - No Lower Price Anywhere - New for Civilians - Law Enforcement  and Bail Enforcement Officers Power Punch Taser Pulse.
Taser Pulse+ Noonlight Emergency Response AppTaser Pulse+ Noonlight Emergency Response AppNew Taser+ Noonlight includes Emergency Response App for Smart Phones Sends Automatically Message to First Responders Your GPS Location.
TASER Strikelight Flashlight Stun GunTASER Strikelight Flashlight Stun GunTaser Strikelight Stun Gun that Is Powerful Includes High Intensity Flashlight and Rechargeable Battery.
TASER X2 Defender - BlackTASER X2 Defender - BlackDesigned by and used with Law Enforcement - Bail Enforcement Officers and Civilians The Taser X2 Simple To Use
TASER X26c ECD - BlackTASER X26c ECD - BlackTaser X26C Model - See the New Advanced Pulse Model that is Similar and  Powerful
TASER X26c ECD - YellowTASER X26c ECD - YellowTaser X26C Model - See the New Advanced Pulse Model that Repalces this Item Once All Sold.
Taser X26P Professional Series - BlackTaser X26P Professional Series - BlackNew Taser Brand X26P Professional Series Black.the Pinnacle of Less than Lethal Self-Defense Used Worlwide by Law Enforcement - Professionals and Civilians

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