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Taser Cartridges for your Self Defense Gun Personal Protection. We Make them Affordable and Easy to Purchase On-Line For A Low Discount Price.

Ever since the handheld Taser gun was invented, one of the most outstanding and unique features of this self-defense weapon used by police and civilians for personal use around the country is the cartridge. Each cartridge contains two Taser darts that have sharp barbs and can penetrate clothing. The darts shoot out of the gun using compressed nitrogen to propel them to the target. This proprietary design increases accuracy and consistency for the shooter whether it's police or for personal use.

The barbs have electrified wires attached to them that create neural muscular incapacitation when they make contact with the target. The cartridges can propel the barbs up to 15 feet for civilian personal use and as much as 35 feet for police use. Inside every cartridge, whether police or personal models, is an AFID (anti-felon identification) tracking system that uses confetti with the serial numbers of the gun on each piece.

This enables crime scene investigators to track users in a criminal investigation.

All Taser cartridges are replaceable modules that contain the AFID confetti pieces and the conductive wires attached to the barbs.

Taser guns are a favorite for men and for women but users must be able to pass a background check before the product can be activated. This procedure can be done online and prevents felons from gaining access to this weapon.

Police and civilians use Taser guns for self-defense of a nonlethal variety. It is nearly 100% effective. You can buy this long-range self-protection weapon at our online store where we have a great selection of Taser guns including the X 26C, the M 26C and the C2 along with a great selection of accessories including holsters.
TASER Air Cartridges for X26c/M26cTASER Air Cartridges for X26c/M26cA set of 2 replacement air cartridges for the X26c and the M26c. You can reload your TASER® in less than a second with these.
Taser M26C/X26C Cartridges Live 2 Pack ReplacementTaser M26C/X26C Cartridges Live 2 Pack ReplacementTaser Brand M26C and X26 Replacement Cartridges.
Taser X2 Defender 2 Pack Replacement CartridgesTaser X2 Defender 2 Pack Replacement CartridgesTaser Brand X2 Defender Series 2 Pack Cartridges.

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