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Buy additional Taser batteries and accessories for your personal security today. We offer all of the newest best options available and make them affordable through our on line store for sale at cheap discount price.

Once you shop at our online store and find the proper Taser gun that will suit your needs, whether it's an M 26, C2, or X 26, you almost certainly will want to get some accessories including extra cartridges, holsters and maybe an extra battery.

Each Taser has an instruction manual and other tools that show you how to safely use this long-range self-protection weapon for self-defense. Before you can use this stun gun Taser, you must pass a background check that is done online. This eliminates felons from gaining access to this Taser gun.

The X 26, M 26 and C2 models are for personal use for women and for men. Women prefer the C2 model because it is smaller and meant for women's smaller hands. But they all do the same thing-shooting out two Taser darts up to 15 feet away with astonishing accuracy and efficiency resulting in a near 100% effectiveness rating.

Our online store carries these handheld Taser guns and accessories including a complete line of holsters for both right-handed and left-handed shooters. We have the newest models and the original models all at discounted prices. It is the best place to buy Taser guns.
Training and technical support are available for this ultimate self-defense device. When looking for a nonlethal self-defense weapon that can incapacitate an attacker from a long range distance, the Taser gun is the answer. Our online store is where you can buy Taser guns, holsters, batteries and other accessories.
Blade-Tech Dual Cartridge Pouch holds 2 34220 CartridgesBlade-Tech Dual Cartridge Pouch holds 2 34220 CartridgesTaser Brand Blade-Tech Dual Cartridge Pouch for M26 and X26 Cartridges.
LH Ballistic Nylon Holster for TASERLH Ballistic Nylon Holster for TASERDurable heavy nylon construction left hand holster for your M26C.
Soft Carry Holster for TASER X26CSoft Carry Holster for TASER X26CSoft carry holster for your X26C Taser
Taser Bolt Soft Cover HolsterTaser Bolt Soft Cover HolsterTaser Brand Bolt Soft Cover Holster.
TASER C2 Lithium Power MagazineTASER C2 Lithium Power MagazineThe LPM powers the TASER® C2 for over 50 firings (30-second cycles).
Taser Camera HD USB Download KitTaser Camera HD USB Download KitTaser Brand HD USB Download Kit.
TASER Leather HolsterTASER Leather Holster

TASER Leather Holster with Ejection Tech for the C2

TASER Power Magazine (PPM) for X2 and X26PTASER Power Magazine (PPM) for X2 and X26PTaser X2 and X26P Performance Power Magazine Durable Lithium Cell Battery that Lasts up to 50 Consecutive Firings.
Taser Pulse Nylon Holster w/StrapTaser Pulse Nylon Holster w/StrapHeavy Duty Taser Pulse Black Nylon Holster Made of High Quality Nylon - Built-in Metal Clip with Strap and Snap Closure Button.
Taser Pulse Soft HolsterTaser Pulse Soft HolsterNew Design Soft Case Holster for Pulse.
Taser X26C / X26P Battery PackTaser X26C / X26P Battery PackTaser X26C & X26P Digital Power Magazine Lithium Energy Cell Power System with On-Board Memory Chip.
Taser X26C Blade-Tech Thigh Holster with Cartridge Carrier Left HandTaser X26C Blade-Tech Thigh Holster with Cartridge Carrier Left HandTaser Brand X26C Blade-Tech Thigh Holster Left Hand.
Taser X26C Tek-Lok Holster (Right)Taser X26C Tek-Lok Holster (Right)Taser Brand X26C Tek-Lok Holster for Right Hand.
Taser X26C XDPM-Extended DPM-Holds Extra CartridgeTaser X26C XDPM-Extended DPM-Holds Extra CartridgeTaser X26C - X25P XDPM-Extended Cartridge Holds Extra Cartridge with Highest Take-Dowb Power Avail.
Taser X26P HD CameraTaser X26P HD CameraTaser Brand X26P HD Camera Includes Superior Audio.

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