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We Offer for Sale the Best Handheld Tactical Flashlights available Online. These are the Same Powerful Waterproof Flashlights used by the Police, SWAT and Military Personnel. The Illumination varies from Bright to Brightest. We Make it easy for Anyone to purchase Self Defense Products by Keeping our Prices Affordable.

Recently a new product has emerged in the flashlight market for civilians. Many people claim that it is the best and brightest, powerful and waterproof with handheld lightweight models available. They are called tactical flashlights.
What is the difference between a tactical flashlight and a regular flashlight? On the surface they appear to be the same, but in fact tactical flashlights are more powerful and originally were meant for regular tactical police, specialized SWAT teams and military users. Consequently, they are made of heavy duty but lightweight materials for extremely high usage.
The bodies are usually aircraft grade aluminum alloys that are more lightweight and are additionally surprisingly compact for the powerful light they produce with some weighing less than seven ounces and less than seven inches in length. They produce as much as 1000 lumens or higher with multiple brightness function settings. They use an enhanced aluminum reflector system to produce a light that can shine as far as two football fields in distance making it the brightest of all handheld flashlights. The bulbs are extra-long life with as much as 100,000 hours.
The flashlight bodies are waterproof, all-weather resistant and shockproof making them nearly indestructible. The enhanced bezel, which is the end of the flashlight and the face of it, serves as an emergency glass breaker tool and self-defense weapon sometimes made with stainless steel for added durability. As a bonus, most of them are rechargeable eliminating the need for replacement batteries thus saving you money.
Many of them have anti-roll bodies so they won't roll away when placed on a slightly sloping surface when two hands are needed to perform a task.

Another option tactical flashlights offer are the strobe modes. The intent when used is to disorient the attacker, which can be done from the distance.When the flashlight light is aimed at the risk of assault, not only will you blind them they will not be able to see for a period of time allowing you to safely escape the situation. The strobe light also works against animals too! You can also you the strobe option for emergency situations to get the attention of others both close or far away up to two miles.
They are considerably more expensive than a regular flashlight, of that there is no question. But there is also no question that they are much more durable and powerful. The fact that they are so lightweight makes them easy to carry especially since most models have a wrist strap and holster.
One model, for example, weighs only 3 ounces and is only 4.5 inches long yet it produces a 160 lumen light.
If you are in the market for a flashlight, don't settle for second best. Get one that is more powerful and produces the brightest light; one that is waterproof and lightweight. A handheld tactical flashlight, one that was previously used only by regular police, specialized SWAT teams and military may be just what you are looking for.

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