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Survival Knives Axes and Cutting Tool Options
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16 Function Swiss Army Style Knife16 Function Swiss Army Style Knife12 Function Swiss Army Style Multi-purpose Knife Great Addition to Any Survival or Emergency Kit
3 Function Hatchet3 Function HatchetEmergency Survival Gear Tool 3 Function Hatchet.
5 in 1 Survival Knife5 in 1 Survival KnifeMulti Purpose Emergency Preparedness Survival Knife.
5ive Star 18 Inch Machete5ive Star 18 Inch Machete5ive Star Multi-Purpose Use 18 Inch Machete.
Camp 10 - Survival ToolCamp 10 - Survival ToolThe Camp 10 Knife Ideal for Outdoor Survival with Steel Blade.
Compact Travel KnifeCompact Travel KnifeSmall Compact Travel Knife with Sheath.
DPx Danger TagDPx Danger TagStainless Steel DPx Danger Survival Tag with Sharp Edge.
Folding Utility Knife with 5 Extra BladesFolding Utility Knife with 5 Extra BladesMulitiple Use Folding Utility Knife for Survival Kits Everyday Use and More.
Mini Pruning Saw with Safety Release ButtonMini Pruning Saw with Safety Release ButtonFirewood Option Mini Pruning Saw with Safety Release Button and Much More.
Multi Function Tool and Knife SharpenerMulti Function Tool and Knife Sharpener5ive Star Multi Function Easy to Carry and Use Tool and Knife Sharpener.
Streetwise Sting Blade Knife Stun GunStreetwise Sting Blade Knife Stun GunCompact Easy to Use the Ultimate Self Defense Tool Includes Light, Knife and Stun Gun.
Survival Knife 10"Survival Knife 10"10 Inch Fixed Blade Stainless Steel Multi Purpose Survival Knife inlcudes Nylon Sheath.
Voodoo Tactical Multi-ToolVoodoo Tactical Multi-ToolVoodoo  High Quality Stainless Steel Tactical Multi-Tool Set.
WIRESAWWIRESAWIf you’re looking for a lightweight yet tough wire saw, look no further. The 21″ stainless steel multi-strand cutting wire has swivel points for easy use.

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