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Essential supplies for an emergency or a disaster are necessary for survival. We offer kits, including backpacks for your home, autos and cars, children and even pets. Any one of these including the 72 hour food kit will meet your needs if ever needed.

The best disaster preparedness comes from planning on how you and your family react to emergencies that can happen literally in the blink of an eye. Whether it is an automobile accident involving your car, or a roadside emergency with a flat tire to a flood or a wildfire, if you don't prepare for these emergencies your very survival may be at risk.

That is why most folks in the know will tell you it is best to have a 72 hour "go kit" that you can grab and go in a minutes notice. That kit should contain essential supplies of food, medical and first aid for you and your family to ensure survival when normal support systems are not available. And don't forget about your pet!

If you are going into the backcountry just about everyone carries their emergency survival products in a backpack which can carry food, water, first aid and medical supplies.

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