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Women and Men Searching to Buy Cheap High Power Defense for Personal Protection Look no Further. Our Online Store Offers for Sale High Voltage Stun Guns, Some with Flashlight that Are Top Rated and Effective. We Offer them at Cheap Discount Price that makes each one Affordable

When men and women hear the words 'stun gun', most of them think of tasers which operate differently from normal stun guns. Tasers use low-voltage and high amps to disable an assailant with near 100% effectiveness. Stun devices are small, much less expensive than tasers, cheap nonlethal self-defense devices that are powered by high-voltage and low amps with close to 90% effectiveness.
The need for top rated high powered, affordable electric stun guns for nonlethal self-defense is clear and here's why!

  • Assaults on women represent 90% of the volume of that crime.
  •  Women get assaulted most often in the home with domestic violence, at institutions of higher learning where one out of four women are victims of sexual assault and in parking lots where they fall unsuspecting victim to predators.
  • An assault can occur at any time or anyplace. Actually no place is a safe haven from assaults.
Women, especially, love these cheap, small, powerful stun devices for self-defense because they are affordable, effective and legal just about everywhere.

Here Is How They Work

The best stun guns are handheld, powerful electric devices with two or more prongs on one end of the device that conduct an electric current that passes from one probe to the other(s) creating an intimidating electrical display and sounds. The electric current cannot come back to you.

When the high-voltage passes through to the assailant, the electric voltage causes the muscles to over work in a very rapid fashion-some say similar to running a marathon. This rapid work cycle uses up all the blood sugars that are needed for energy, so there's no energy left to do you any harm.

Aside from the considerable pain, there is a disorientation and loss of balance the total effects of which can last for as long as 10 minutes giving you time to escape a dangerous situation.

Stun guns are not legal everywhere. Some cities and states have restrictions on these small high powered electrical voltage nonlethal self-defense weapons. We should note that those laws governing stun guns are changing all the time.

We offer a great selection of these affordable stun guns online for sale at discounted prices. The selection includes the best, top rated, high-powered stun guns for men and women from the most widely known manufacturers at affordable prices.

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