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Danger Surrounds Us All Including Dog Attacks and Why Stun Gun Batons Offer An Advantage Over Standard Stun Guns. The Extended Long Reach Offers the Personal Protection We All Need to Keep Our Distance Should An Assault Advance Towards Us When In Danger.

We all know danger surrounds us everyday whether it by humans, dogs or other animals. Stun Gun Batons are similar and function the same as other stun guns but offer the advantage of extended long reach if ever needed, allowing you to keep more distance from the risk of assault.
Stun gun batons are readily available for sale on line that include a wide range of models and lengths from all of the major manufacturers that include; Streetwise, Guard Dog, Zap and Safety Technology. Some of the more popular models include the Peacemaker, Titan, Badass, ZAP, and many more with too many to mention. Though limited there are even telescopic models such as the Streetwise Attitude Adjuster. Did we also mention that all of these models are most effective against dog attacks and are an effective deterrent when fired as the noise alone many times will result with the risk going the other direction and not wanting anything to do with the stun baton.
Protect yourself and get the personal protection you need from dog attacks and assaults from others with bad intentions to hurt you or even worse. We offer wide range of models with a wide range of prices to fit any budget. Don't put it off till another day and buy one of our stun gun batons today.

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