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Streetwise Nap Zapper
Streetwise Nap Zapper
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Streetwise Anti-Drowsy Nap Zapper

Do you find yourself drowsy or falling asleep when driving, on the job working, homework or studying and more! If yes, we have a proven solution for you.

Design: Compact small and lightweight 
  • Adjustable to Fit Anyone's Needs
  • 3 Functions:Switch from the audible alarm function, to vibrate for crowded settings, to off when not in use

  • Product Solutions Could Save Lives:
    • Increased Safety for you, passengers and other drivers on the road when driving
    • Do you work long hours, the night shift or find yourself falling asleep on the job
    • Homework, studying for exams, college papers and more
    • Security Guards who need to be alert at all times 
    • Machine Operators responsible for the operation of equipment that may be dangerous to operate

    The Nap Zapper is a personal alarm device that is simple to use and one day could just save your life, your passengers and even others on the road that are driving, walking, running, bicycling and more.

    Many of us one time or another have found ourselves sleeping or even falling asleep while on the job. Those long weekends out having fun and you return to work on Mon with little sleep. New Shift working nights and have not become acclimated to working nights.

    These are just a few examples of all us being human and sometimes need help to get through the day. The Nap Zapper is the perfect solution when needed.

    Makes a great gift for others - get yours today and see our specail offer when you purcashe more then one.

    • Streetwise Nap Zapper
    • Three (3) LR41 Batteries with Each Nap Zapper

    Specail Discount Offer Details:
    • Buy Two (regular price for one and second Nap Zapper price 6.97 each)
    • Buy Four (regular price for one and for three Nap Zappers price 6.50 each)

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