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Sonic Animal Chaser
Sonic Animal Chaser
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Sonic Animal Chaser

The Sonic Animal Chaser uses a humane High Frequency or sonic wave sight laser. Once activated the Scram Patrol will protect you from dangerous dogs and other animals while cycling, walking, jogging or anywhere at anytime help keep you safe against dangers such as a dog or even pack of dogs attacking you and or your pet.

Effective range when using the laser sight is up to 20 feet. When not pointing the laser at anything specific, you can expect animals and pests to not be in your area of travel withing the immediate area of up to 6 feet.

This animal chaser has an effective range up to 20 feet (about 7 meters) with a prime operating range of 5 to 6 feet. 
It produces a 25 KHz frequency sound that the human ear can not detect yet is extremely discomforting to animals. 
It is able to repel vicious dogs (can also be used to repel cats, squirrels and other garden pests) without harming them. 
To make sure you are aiming the animal chaser in the best optimal area (around the head/ears), it has a built-in laser sight. 
It's even safe enough to use for training dogs and cats. 
Warranty: 90 days

Requires one 9 volt battery that is not included.

Sonic Animal Chaser with built-in laser sight

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