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Personal safety with peace of mind should be priority for all. This is especially true for senior citizens and women who are at greater risk for assault. Self defense and home protection products provide the protection you deserve and need for both you and your assets.

Senior citizens are perceived as defenseless victims for lowlife criminals. And for many that is the case. That is one reason why crimes against the elderly are expanding so quickly. Assaults, street robbery and even home burglary where seniors are the targets are a new trend in crime.
Seniors are the fastest-growing segment of our population with baby boomers nearing retirement age in record numbers. That is why so many companies are focusing on elderly personal protection, personal safety and self-defense products for women.
Many senior citizens use walking sticks, a.k.a. canes, as a means to aid in getting around. A cane can be an effective self-defense product for women as well as senior citizens to provide a certain level of peace of mind as well as personal safety and elderly protection. For example, a cane can be used as a striking device as well as a jabbing device. A well-placed blow with a cane to the throat of an assailant can disable him quickly.
Just because you have become a senior citizen does not mean that you should not be concerned about your own personal protection and personal safety. As a matter of fact if you are an active senior, you should be very concerned and take steps to learn how to defend yourself against these crimes against seniors.
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AccuFire Laser Pepper Spray BlackAccuFire Laser Pepper Spray BlackWorlds First and Only Laser Sight Pepper Spray the New Guard Dog AccuFire with UV Dye and Firing Distance up to 16 Feet.
Black TASER C2 ECD - Gold PackageBlack TASER C2 ECD - Gold Package

Taser C2 Gold Model - See the New Advanced Technology Pulse Model That Repalces the C2 Once All Sold.

Door Guard AlarmDoor Guard AlarmFor Home or Travel Door Guard Alarm.
JOLT 46 Million Volt Mini Stun GunJOLT 46 Million Volt Mini Stun GunNew Powerful Jolt Mini Stun Gun with 46 Million Volts.
Leather Wallet Bifold w/ RFID ProtectionLeather Wallet Bifold w/ RFID ProtectionStylish Leather Bifold Wallet with RFID Protection.
Mace Sports Strobe Personal Alarm 130 DBMace Sports Strobe Personal Alarm 130 DBMace 3 in 1 Versatile Emergency Flashing Strobe Personal Protection Alarm.
Mini Black Smack Stun Gun with Stylish Purse WalletMini Black Smack Stun Gun with Stylish Purse WalletExclusive Mini Black Smack Stun Gun with Stylish Purse Wallet Sold Here Only.
Mini Pink Smack Stun Gun with Stylish Purse WalletMini Pink Smack Stun Gun with Stylish Purse WalletExclusive Mini Pink Smack Stun Gun with Stylish Purse Wallet Sold Here Only.
Mini Stun Rod 5,500,000 Volt Stun GunMini Stun Rod 5,500,000 Volt Stun GunHigh quality mini stun guns that are powerful and include several options that the more expensive models offer for an affordable price.
Personal AlarmPersonal AlarmPersonal Alarm - When the safety pin is removed from the alarm the loud, piercing 130 decibel alarm will sound.
SABRE - Personal Alarm Supports RAINNSABRE - Personal Alarm Supports RAINNSabre RAINN Personal Alarm (Supports Rainn Rape, Abuse and Incest National Network).
SABRE Red USA .75 oz Pink LipstickSABRE Red USA .75 oz Pink LipstickSABRE Red Maximum Strength Pink Lipstick Pepper Spray.
Safe Family Life Key FinderSafe Family Life Key FinderNever lose Keys Wallet or Other Items Again with Credit Card Size Transmitter Will Locate Missing Items.
Sapphire USB LED LightSapphire USB LED LightSapphire USB Personal Wearable Lights.
SMACK 6,000,000 Volt Stun Gun BlackSMACK 6,000,000 Volt Stun Gun BlackFor sale one of the best mini stun gun available on line for a great cheap price with all the power the more expensive stun gun self defense products provide.
Streetwise iAlarmStreetwise iAlarmSmall In Size About 2.5 Inches and Loud Personal I-Alarm from Streetwise Security Products Easy to Use
Streetwise Sting Ring Stun Gun QuatrefoilStreetwise Sting Ring Stun Gun QuatrefoilNew Stylish Design Quatrefoil Sting Ring Stun Gun.
Streetwise Stunbrella Stun Flashlight BlackStreetwise Stunbrella Stun Flashlight BlackNew Disguised Stun Gun the Streetwise Security Stunbrella includes Concealed Stun Gun with Flashlight Offering Powerful Charge for Personal Self Defense Protection.
Taser PulseTaser PulseLimited Time Offer - No Lower Price Anywhere - New for Civilians - Law Enforcement  and Bail Enforcement Officers Power Punch Taser Pulse.
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