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Self Defense Survival Kits 

Are you prepared when Disaster Strikes!
  • You may think you are but what happens when the unthinkable becomes reality?
  • The basic necessities are unavailable. Store shelves are empty.
  • Will you have enough water to sustain you and your family during a prolonged crisis.
  • Diseases can run rampant during a disaster. Do you have water purfying tablets?
  • Electricity has been shut off or no longer avail. Do you have alternative power sources such as battery operated or solar lights, equipment to recharge batteries such as your cell phones. radios and more.
  • Protection from the elements should your home be inhabitable. Fire starters and fuel for heat and light.
  • Crime becomes rampant. Can you protect you and your family! Even the most honest person can become desperate during a crsis when not prepared. Do you have Taser, Stun Guns, Pepper Spray, Knifes and other non lethal protection.
  • What if you are on the road or under attack when a disater strikes. A Bulletproof Backpack fillwed with essentials can mean the difference between Life and Death.
We offer a full line of Emergency Prepatredness water,food and gear including Self Defense options to protect you and your family!

Let us help you to be prepared today before a disaster strikes and it is too late!

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