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Self defense products for women are more important than ever. Women are most vulnerable to attacks thus manufacturers have developed self defense weapons including keychain models that are one of the best available. Workout self defense classes on videos are another excellent alternative tool. We have all of the options any women would need for an affordable price.

Women use self-defense products including keychain pepper sprays and stun guns and other nonlethal self-defense weapons much more often than men do. Why? The answer is simple! Women are assaulted nine times more often than men. They use skills gained from classes in self-defense videos as a foundation for their self-defense strategy. Our videos are taught by experts in their various fields including tips on how to defend against gang attacks. They then add self-defense products as the best way to level the playing field against bigger assailants. As a bonus, self-defense videos are great workout in the global fitness movement. You can watch on TV in the comfort of your own home to learn skills that will last you a lifetime.

When choosing a self-defense weapon, look for the best products that are easy to carry and readily accessible. For most people that usually means self-defense tools with keychain attachments that way they are with you virtually all the time and are much easier to find in a deep purse or in the dark.

Self-defense is a big issue for women. With the proper preparation, the right training from self-defense videos and a wise selection of a self-defense product they will be prepared to defend themselves in just about any situation.
Aphrodite Concealed Carry Purse BlackAphrodite Concealed Carry Purse BlackCameleon Aphrodite Carry and Conceal Purse Color Black.
Aya Concealed Carry Black PurseAya Concealed Carry Black PurseCameleon Aya Black Carry and Concal Designer Purse.
Aztec Concealed Carry Blue PurseAztec Concealed Carry Blue PurseCameleon Blue Aztec Style Conceal Carry Purse.
Aztec Concealed Carry Brown PurseAztec Concealed Carry Brown PurseCameleon Conceal Carry Aztec Brown Purse.
Black Color Comb KnifeBlack Color Comb KnifeComb Knifes Offer Self Defense Protection You Can Legally Carry Just About Anywhere.
Black Hidden Blade Comb KnifeBlack Hidden Blade Comb KnifeDisguised Blade Knife Hidden Inside Our Harmless Hair Comb that Is Sharp While Offering Security Protection When Needed.
Black Talon Stun Gun and FlashlightBlack Talon Stun Gun and FlashlightTalon Mini Stun Gun the Perfect Security Solution for Runners, Joggers, Outdoors and Everyday Self Defense.
Black TASER C2 ECD - Basic PackageBlack TASER C2 ECD - Basic PackageTaser C2 Basic Model - See the New Advanced Technology Pulse Model That Repalces the C2 Once All Sold.
Black TASER C2 ECD - Gold PackageBlack TASER C2 ECD - Gold Package

Taser C2 Gold Model - See the New Advanced Technology Pulse Model That Repalces the C2 Once All Sold.

Brutus Self-Defense Keychain BlackBrutus Self-Defense Keychain BlackBrutus Black Plastic Self Defense Keychain for Both Men and Women
Coco Concealed Carry Purse: BlackCoco Concealed Carry Purse: BlackCoco Concealed Carry Purse Handbag.
Credit Card Foldable KnifeCredit Card Foldable KnifeFoldable Ultra Thin Credit Card Knife for Women and Men.
Date Rape Drug DetectorDate Rape Drug DetectorA simple easy to use drug detector system to combat date rape designed for women.
Door Guard AlarmDoor Guard AlarmFor Home or Travel Door Guard Alarm.
Door JammerDoor JammerDoor Jammer the Best Security Door Block Barrier You Can Purchase.
Guard Dog Electra – 3000 Concealed Lipstick Stun (pink)Guard Dog Electra – 3000 Concealed Lipstick Stun (pink)Take an ordinary looking lipstick tube used by every female in America and put in a 3,000,000 volt concealed stun gun with a 100 lumen flashlight and make it rechargeable. That is what this Guard Dog "electra" model concealed lipstick stun gun is all about. It is one of the most devastating disguised self-defense products available and you will be the only one who knows what it really is.
Guard Dog Ivy Stun Gun Tactical FlashlightGuard Dog Ivy Stun Gun Tactical FlashlightGuard Dog High Voltage Ivy Stun Gun Flashlight.
Guard Dog ProShield 2 Pink Bulletproof BackpackGuard Dog ProShield 2 Pink Bulletproof BackpackGuard Dog Pro Shield2 Pink Bulletproof Backpack With Lightweight Armor Weighs Only Ounces More than a Non-Protected Backpack
Hair Brush Diversion SafeHair Brush Diversion SafeDiversion Safe Brush Handle to Hide Valuables Inside.
JOLT 20,000,000 Mini Stun GunJOLT 20,000,000 Mini Stun GunJolt 20 million Volt Mini Stun Gun is powerful, fits nicley in your hand nad includes a safety pin.
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