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SABRE Red Fogger with Wall Mount Bracket
SABRE Red Fogger with Wall Mount Bracket
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SABRE Red Fogger with Wall Mount Bracket

Home Burgularies and Invasions are now Much to Common:
  • Are your prepared to protect your families life?
  • What security measures do you have in place?
  • Do you have security self defense products?

SABRE Home Defense Pepper Gel offers solutions to each of these concerns. Should you be one of the familes victimized by criminals, this poweful Pepper Gel will provide the security protection your family needs.

  • 25 foor Range
  • Protection for Family, Home and Property
  • Stops or Chases Away Mulitiple Intruders
  • Wall Mount for Easy Access When Needed

Dont take the chance assuming you will not be a victim one day and risk your familes lifes. Invest in security self defense products such as this SABRE Home Defense Pepper Gel. The wall mount will guarantee if that one day comes, it is there and ready to use.

Why Make Your Purchase with Us:
  1. Shipping Cost Only $5.95 Total - We Will Not Be Beat
  2. Fast Shipping Includes Accurate Quality Control 
  3. We Deal Direct With the Manufacturer - No Middle Man
  4. Customer Service Second to None
  5. Returns and Exchanges (No Hassle) - 100% Full Satisfaction
  6. Satisfaction Guaranteed Certificate (see below why buy with us)

  • SABRE Red Home Defense 13 OZ Pepper Gel
  • Wall Mount Ensures Ready for Use When Needed
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed Certificate

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