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TASER StrikeLight
TASER StrikeLight
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TASER StrikeLight

The StrikeLight™ flashlight incorporates the power of a stun gun for added protection

Taser International introduces a powerful stun gun flashlight that can shine up to 55 yards away and provides a self-defense product stun gun for your personal protection. This high intensity flashlight has integrated stun technology that can deter and repel attackers.

It operates on a rechargeable and replaceable lithium battery. It has a convenient and integrated one-handed operation for the stun button. 

Many stun gun flashlights look and feel cheap because they are sold in stores where profit is the biggest motive. Our stun gun flashlights are some of the most powerful and strongest in the marketplace today. They are a little bit more expensive, however most of them have lifetime warranties and they are much more durable.

Women in particular love these self-defense stun gun flashlights especially for roadside emergencies where a flashlight could come in handy and a self-defense product stun gun could be a necessity in an assault.

Stun guns are not legal in all states. Those laws are constantly changing so check with your local law enforcement office or online for the legality in your area.

The Smartest Choice in Self Protection

  • Easy stun button for one-handed operation

  • High intensity flashlight with integrated stun technology

  • High voltage stun capability deters and repels attackers

  • Rechargeable/replaceable lithium battery

  • Light to carry weighing only 9.5 ounces


  • 55 yards of high-intensity beam distance
  • 5 hours of continuous light use
  • 100 5-second stun discharges per fully charged battery
  • Rugged aluminum and polymer high-impact exterior
  • Advanced anti-roll design


  • TASER StrikeLight
  • Wall charger with charging indicator
  • Wrist strap

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