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M Series NiMH Battery Charger
M Series NiMH Battery Charger
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The Taser "AA" Nickel Metal Hydride Battery Charger can save you money on replacing batteries for the M18, M18L, and M26c TASER® devices. It is easy to use and comes with complete instructions.
Your basic M-series M18, M18L, and M26c TASER® devices use "AA" Nickel Metal Hydride Batteries to provide power. This charger is a fast and easy way to recharge their batteries. It will take no longer than four hours to completely charge them. The battery charger has a complex circuitry which detects when the battery is fully charged and then shuts off. This prevents overcharging damage to your batteries. We recommend that you recharge these nickel metal hydride batteries every two weeks.

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