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Portable Car Lock Alarm
Portable Car Lock Alarm
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Portable Car Lock Alarm w/ Remote

The patented design of the SWAT LOCK-R not only protects your car with an ear piercing siren, it also locks the steering wheel in place to prevent potential car thieves from turning the wheel.  It is equipped with four theft-deterrent features: a warning LED, a flashing strobe light, a120 db siren and a hard steel lock. 


  • When the window is disturbed by tapping or other significant jolt, the alarm will sound and a LED light flashes for 30 seconds.
  • If no other disturbance occurs, the alarm resets itself. 
  • If the disturbance continues the alarm will continue for another 30 seconds until the disturbance ends or the alarm unit is disarmed.  
  • This alarm locks to the steering wheel in less than 10 seconds- no need to run wires or pay for expensive installation. 
  • The alarm measures 14 and one-half inches by 7 and three-quarters.
  • This alarm has a 1 year warranty.


  • The alarm unit requires two (2) 9-volt batteries (not included). 
  • The IR remote requires 1 12-volt battery (included)
  • Three keys are included for unlocking the alarm and you can set your own remote control code.  


  • Portable Car Lock Alarm
  • Remote

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