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Personal Safety Gear 
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5ive Star Compass MAP5ive Star Compass MAP5ive Star Bright Colored Map Compass Both easy to Read and Use
5ive Star-Keychain Emergency SOS Light ORG5ive Star-Keychain Emergency SOS Light ORG5ive Star Emergency Keychain SOS Light to Alert Others When You Need Help or there Is Trouble.
8-N-1 Car Charger Power Bank Auto Safety Tool8-N-1 Car Charger Power Bank Auto Safety ToolThis is A Must Have if You Drive A Care the Multi Purpose Power Bank and Auto Safety Tool Saves Lives
911 Horn: Personal Safety Alarm911 Horn: Personal Safety AlarmSuper Blast Sport and Safety Horn with Loud 112-decibel Ear Piercing Alarm for Personal Protection and/or Boating - Camping - Hiking - Celebrations - Catastrophe and Many More Uses.
Black Wheel BagBlack Wheel BagLarge Bag on Wheels for Your Survival Kit and More - Virtually Can Store Anything with Ease and Mobility Using the Wheels
Disposable Foot WarmersDisposable Foot WarmersDisposable Foot Warmers for Your Survival Kit.
DPx Danger TagDPx Danger TagStainless Steel DPx Danger Survival Tag with Sharp Edge.
Echo Tactical Thin Blue Line 550 Paracord Survival BraceletEcho Tactical Thin Blue Line 550 Paracord Survival BraceletEcho Tactical Thin Blue Line 550 Paracord Survival Bracelet.
Emergency Survival HornEmergency Survival HornEmergency Preparednes Kit Survival Horn and Animal Alert.
Fire Gone 16oz CanFire Gone 16oz CanFire Gone fire extinguisher - you can use it on just abouth anything.
FRONTIERSMAN Bear BellFRONTIERSMAN Bear BellFrontiersman Bear Bells Prevent you From Startling Bears.
Guardian Grenade RedGuardian Grenade RedRed Guardian Grenade Includes 9 Feet Paracord and Several Everyday Use or Survival Needs.
Help FlagHelp FlagHelp Flag to get Attention During an Emergency.
Lensatic Compass with Map ScaleLensatic Compass with Map ScalePreferred Compass for Outdoors and Emergency Survival Kits.
Maxcraft  5-in-1 Emergency ToolMaxcraft 5-in-1 Emergency ToolMaxcraft 5 In 1 Auto Emergency Tool  Safes Lifes and Is A Must Have If You Drive A Car 
Mil-Spec Heavy Duty Reversible PonchoMil-Spec Heavy Duty Reversible PonchoHeavy Duty Reversible Black or Yellow Poncho with Drawstring Hood and Rustproof Side Snaps.
Mosquito CoilsMosquito CoilsMosquito Coils for Emergency Preparedness Kits, Camping, Zika Disease Control and More.
Mylar Emergency Sleeping BlanketMylar Emergency Sleeping BlanketEmergency Mylar Blanket keeps the cold wind off and reflects your body heat back to you.
NEW 100 Insect Repellant PacksNEW 100 Insect Repellant PacksInsect Repellant Packets for Your Emergency Survival Kit.
Outdoor Edge Para-Claw Survival Bracelet MediumOutdoor Edge Para-Claw Survival Bracelet MediumThe Paracord Survival Claw Includes Stainless Steel Hawkbill Blade and 14.4 Feet Cord and More.
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