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Personal security alarms that will omit loud sound during an emergency that will alert others your safety is in jeopardy. We offer all of our alarms for an affordable price that you can only find online.

911 Horn: Personal Safety Alarm911 Horn: Personal Safety AlarmPersonal Effective Security Alarm with Ear piercing loud sound that can be heard from at 1/2 mile or more away.
Door Guard AlarmDoor Guard AlarmFor Home or Travel Door Guard Alarm.
FRONTIERSMAN Bear BellFRONTIERSMAN Bear BellFrontiersman Bear Bells Prevent you From Startling Bears.
Key Alert with FlashlightKey Alert with FlashlightThis 120 db personal protection alarm has a keychain attachment so it can be with you at all times. Press the alarm lightly for a small short sound or press the button completely until your emergency situation is resolved. It also has a flashlight. at 2.5 inches long it is nearly invisible.
Mace Sports Strobe Personal Alarm 130 DBMace Sports Strobe Personal Alarm 130 DBMace 3 in 1 Versatile Emergency Flashing Strobe Personal Protection Alarm.
Personal AlarmPersonal AlarmPersonal Alarm - When the safety pin is removed from the alarm the loud, piercing 130 decibel alarm will sound.
Pointed Kubotan BlackPointed Kubotan BlackKubotans are small 5.5 inch long self-defense weapons that can be used as flailing devices or to inflict pain when applied to pressure points. In the hands of a trained person they are highly effective self-defense tool. As a bonus it is an innocuous looking device that has a keychain attachment so it can be with you wherever you go.
Power Bank PortablePower Bank PortableNever be without power again for any of your portable devices such as your smartphone or iPod when you can recharge it with this portable, lightweight charging device that goes with you wherever you go. It has adapters for most of the popular brands. This recharging tool is charged using a USB cable. Easy enough?
SABRE - Personal AlarmSABRE - Personal AlarmSabre Multi-Purpose Personal Alarm.
SABRE - Personal Alarm Supports RAINNSABRE - Personal Alarm Supports RAINNSabre RAINN Personal Alarm (Supports Rainn Rape, Abuse and Incest National Network).
SABRE Wall Mounted Panic AlarmSABRE Wall Mounted Panic AlarmWall Mount Extremely 120db Loud Panic Alarm Security Solution for Seniors Homes Businesses and More.
Safe Family Life Key FinderSafe Family Life Key FinderNever lose Keys Wallet or Other Items Again with Credit Card Size Transmitter Will Locate Missing Items.
Sapphire USB LED LightSapphire USB LED LightSapphire USB Personal Wearable Lights.
Streetwise iAlarmStreetwise iAlarmSmall and Loud Personal I-Alarm from Streetwise Security Products.
Streetwise Nap ZapperStreetwise Nap ZapperThe Anti-Drowsy Nap Zapper Solution for Driving - Studying - Security Guards - Machine Operators and More that Comfortable and Simple to Operate.
Streetwise Panic Alarm BlackStreetwise Panic Alarm BlackThis convenient personal security alarm from Streetwise can attach to your keys or clip to your clothes allowing you quick access to a nonlethal way to defend yourself in an attack.
Streetwise Personal/Door Alarm w/ LightStreetwise Personal/Door Alarm w/ LightStreetwise Personal and or Door Alarm with Light.
Streetwise Smart Sensor Volumetric AlarmStreetwise Smart Sensor Volumetric AlarmVolumetric Alarm that Measures Air Pressure Change and Sounds Loud Alarm Before the Intruder Ever Has An Opportunity to Enter Your Home or Business.
Tactical Black Pull Cap, Glass Breaker Tip Pen with RefillTactical Black Pull Cap, Glass Breaker Tip Pen with RefillHigh Quality Glass Breaker and Jab/Stab Refillable Writing Pen That Is Legal To Carry.
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One of the best ways that women can defend themselves is with a nonlethal self-defense personal protection alarm. They are small handheld products that send out a loud siren alarm when activated. Some personal alarms are as loud as 130 dB which is louder than the much ballyhooed crowd noise at Century Link Field. Personal protection alarms are favored for female self-defense because they draw attention to your situation should you be in danger and attract attention from passersby who may be able to help.

If you are looking for a way to increase your personal safety, a personal protection alarm with a keychain attachment could be just what you are looking for

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