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Guard Dog Pepper Spray Options for Outdoors

Are you a runner, bicyclist, athlete or someone who enjoys getting outdoors for a walk. Spending time outdoors is good for us in many ways but with the good does come the bad.

Outdoor attacks is a real threat for anyone outdoors. The risks include from both humans and animals such as dog attacks and bites.

Being prepared is key to ending the day in a positive note. See the many options available that give you the advantage, should that moment arrive and you have a brief moment or second to protect yourself and walkway unharmed and safe!

Inert Practice Pepper Spray and Target Set

Have you ever used pepper spray before? If the answer is no, are you prepared to protect yourself, sometimes with only a split-second notice to spray the attacker!

Add the practice protection set too your order. Upon delivery, set aside a few minutes and become familiar with how to use pepper spray. Don't put this off and wait until it is convenient. You never know if that day and time will arrive and you will have that split-second to defend yourself form danger and escape unharmed!

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Guard Dog Instafire Hand Sleeve Pepper Spray BlackGuard Dog Instafire Hand Sleeve Pepper Spray BlackGuard Dog Active-wear Instafire Hand Sleeve Pepper Spray Ideal for Runners Joggers Walks and More Offers Effective Self Defense Protection Quickly.
Guard Dog Instafire Xtreme PinkGuard Dog Instafire Xtreme PinkThe Guard Dog Instafire Xtreme Pepper Spray Developed for Runners, Joggers, Athletes, Outdoor Walks and More Offers Fast Quick Protection When Needed.
Guard Dog Practice Pepper Spray and TargetGuard Dog Practice Pepper Spray and TargetThe Guard Dog Practice Set includes One Inert Practice Spray and One Practice Target.

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