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Pepper Spray Holster Options

Pepper Spray is effective and will provide the security protection you want and need. If this is your first time searching for pepper spray, you will quickly see the options are countless. There are pepper spray options for protection against humans and animals such as Bears and Dogs. Even the canister sizes, volumes and strength widely vary.
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Holster 9 Ounce for Bear Spray and MoreHolster 9 Ounce for Bear Spray and MoreNylon/Velcro holster with Belt Loop  sized for 9 ounce sprays including Wildfire 18% Hot, Guard Alaska Bear Spray, Mace®  Bear Spray and other 9 ounce spray types .
Nylon 1 Lb Heavy Duty Pepper Spray HolsterNylon 1 Lb Heavy Duty Pepper Spray HolsterNylon and Velcro Durable Heavy Duty Pepper Spray Holster Holds 1 Pound Canisters Including WildFire Sprays and More.
Wall Mount Brackets for Pepper SprayWall Mount Brackets for Pepper SprayWall Mount Brackets for 2 and 4 Ounce Pepper Sprays. Also See Our Offer for New Exclusive Self Defense Security Products Cabinets that Safely Secure with RFID Options.
Should the moment arrive and you only have seconds to respond to the danger or threat, your pepper spray protection must be easily accessible, secured safely inside a holster. Some options Key-chain, belt clip and even belt loop holster offer the quick accessibility you need to protect yourself! Another consideration is safety and that your pepper spray is safely stored at all times.

Just imagine for a second you are in danger or there is a threat ready to attack. Your pepper spray is in your backpack, bottom of your purse, etc. You do not know exactly where it is and you have less then 5 seconds to locate the spray and deploy. Likely the outcome is not going to be well!

Get peace of mind and carry your pepper spray using a holster that is designed for that model. We offer for sale every design and model to fit any pepper spray we sell on-line.

If you are shopping for the first time or already carry self defense pepper spray, be sure to include a holster that fits the type and size of pepper spray you intend to carry for protection. 

One other important fact - Most pepper sprays have on average 3 years shelf life. You need to know the expiration date for your spray. The date is stamped or imprinted onto the pepper spray canister itself. Another option to remind you to monitor the expiration date is to write the date on the inside of the holster flap, add the date to a electronic calendar if you are a person who uses a calendar for reminders or whatever process best works for you. The most important fact is to use a process to monitor the date and not assume the pepper spray will be effective many years later after the purchase was made.

Be safe and know Self Defense Products Inc has your back and we are avail whenever needed.

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