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Outdoor Security

Outdoor Security

Outdoor Security Protection

Are you an outdoor enthusiast that enjoys walking, jogging, bicycling, hiking and camping! Do you work nights, travel alone and at times you feel unsafe. And one of the most reported safety concerns is getting out of your vehicle to report to work or doing errand at night! 

Outdoor activities are enjoyed by most of us. Working at nights is reality for many. Unfortunately, there are criminals just waiting to take advantage of us when we least expect it and the danger increases significantly when it is nighttime and dark.

We offer self defense personal protection products that are designed specifically for you and use when outdoors. It just makes sense to carry some type of personal security protection when you consider today's world that includes high numbers of assault reports. Many of these assault crimes happen during the evening hours.

The options are vast and if you are not sure which self defense option is best for you, call us or send a message and we will assist you. We will help you with what best makes sense and what you would be comfortable using should that moment ever arrive and you do need to protect yourself from danger. 
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Electronic Dog RepellerElectronic Dog RepellerDog repeller that offers rotection from Dog Bites using high frequency that is not harmful to dogs.
Guard Alaska® Bear SprayGuard Alaska® Bear SprayGuard Alaska Bearspray Guard Alaska ultra hot pepper spray has proven so effective repelling bears.
HIKE-N-STRIKE - Hiking Staff w/ Stun Device/FlashlightHIKE-N-STRIKE - Hiking Staff w/ Stun Device/FlashlightZAP Hike n Strike Staff Stun Gun with Flashlight  Extends from 29" to 56"  Offering Effective Self Defense Protection for Walks Hikes and More While Enjoying the Gret Outdoors
Mace Canine RepellentMace Canine RepellentEffective Mace spray that can be easily carried and used if needed for protection against dog attacks.
Mace Muzzle with HolsterMace Muzzle with HolsterMace Muzzle Animal Repellent with Our Exclusive Easy to Use Holster that Keeps the Spray Ready for Use Short Notice.
Mini Barbarian 9,000,000 Stun Baton FlashlightMini Barbarian 9,000,000 Stun Baton FlashlightPowerful Streetwise Security Mini Barbarian Stun Baton that Includes Blinding Flashlight and Triple Stun Technology Excellent Protection Against Animal and Dog Attacks
MYGUARD SPORT LED Armband - Safety AlarmMYGUARD SPORT LED Armband - Safety AlarmThe My Guard Sport LED Armband & Safety Alarm fits the iPhone X and similar size phones. It gives you security, safety, and convenience all in one: the security of a personal alarm, the safety of a flashing light and the convenience of a cell phone holder.
Police Force 21 Inch Automatic Expandable Baton ChromePolice Force 21 Inch Automatic Expandable Baton ChromeCompact When Closed the Police Force 21 Inch Automatic Expandable Baton Offers Non-Lethal Force for Civilians, Police Officers and Security Guards.
Police Force Tactical Stun Baton FlashlightPolice Force Tactical Stun Baton FlashlightNew Advamce Police Force Rugid 12 Million Volt Stun Baton that Includes LED Indicator Lights for Easy Use and Powerful Protection other Securty Options Effective Protection Against Animal and Dog Attacks
SABRE  Dog Attack Deterrent ProtectorSABRE Dog Attack Deterrent ProtectorSABRE Dog Attack Deterrent Pepper Spray Protector Offer Effectiv Protection Against Dog Attacks without Causing Long-Lasting Injury or Pain to the Attacking Dog.
SABRE Cyclist Ballistic Stream Pepper SpraySABRE Cyclist Ballistic Stream Pepper SpraySABRE Cyclist Ballistic Stream Pepper Spray.
SABRE Frontiersman Bear Spray 9.2 ozSABRE Frontiersman Bear Spray 9.2 ozEffective Protection Against Bear Attacks SABRE Frontiersman 9.2 OZ Bear Spray.
Sonic Animal ChaserSonic Animal ChaserProtect Yourself from Animals and Dangerous Dogs while Cycling, Walking, Jogging or Anywhere Anytime with the Humane High Frequency Sonic Animal Chaser. Includes Laser Pin Point Sight that Is Effective Up to 20 Feet.
Streetwise Attitude Adjuster Stun Baton FlashlightStreetwise Attitude Adjuster Stun Baton FlashlightStreetwise Attitude Adjuster 30,000,000 Stun Baton Flashlight with a Quick Twist of the Handle Adjusts from 16.5" to 19" Lon with Triple Stun Technology and Much More.
Streetwise Sting Blade Knife Stun GunStreetwise Sting Blade Knife Stun GunCompact Easy to Use the Ultimate Self Defense Tool Includes Light, Knife and Stun Gun.
Streetwise Sting Ring 18,000,000 Stun Gun BlackStreetwise Sting Ring 18,000,000 Stun Gun BlackNew self defense protection that fits in the palm of your hand and by-far one of the top sellers for runners Joggers and out for a walk offer quick effective protection when needed anywhere
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