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Realtors and Mortgage Brokers - Please read our message

It's well know the world we live in has become more dangerous than ever! The new generation of crime includes criminals with little or no care for others. These criminals will do just about anything to you with little or no regard to you to get what they want!

Then we another set of crimes committed by others that are not necessarily criminals but people who are simply desperate. The persons that fit this category will have more regard for your safety but still will rob you to get whatever they are seeking.

Nobody whats to ever be a victim. Reality is up to 83% of our population is at risk to some form of dangers that include; robbery, assault, rape, kidnap, car-jack, and worse, death!

Be prepared significantly reduces your odds of being the next victim. There are many factors to consider and how to become best prepared and not be the next victim.

Personal Security Awareness:
  • Work - Daytime or Nighttime?
  • Work Environment - Solo or as a Group?
  • Travel - Short or Long Commutes?
  • Type of Work? e.g. Realtors entering vacant homes

These are just a few examples to get you thinking more of your own "Personal Security Awareness"

Realtors face a different type of danger everyday then most others. Vacant homes certainly have hidden dangers including squatters. A for sale sign to squatters is a welcome come on in sign. 

Showing a home to a clients at night has its own set of dangers. 

We could go on and on with the job hazards that come with being a Realtor.

Preparedness and Personal Safety Awareness is the key that you cannot put any value too.

Realtors - We are ready to help you maximize your own personal safety that includes total preparation.

Mortgage Brokers - protect your Realtors! We offer many packages that we can team with you to provide maximum protection for all of your Realtors. We can essentially do just about anything you need, including personal Branding!

We also offer experience with expertise in all areas of personal security. We have teamed up with many Realtors and Mortgage Brokers and can share this experience with you and your team!

We guarantee you will not find another Personal Security Family Business that provides the "Personal Touch" as if each Realtor and Mortgage Broker was our own family member!

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