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Various Business Opportunities for Extra Money

Business Owners, Parents, Students, Semi-Retired and more, see our various types of business opportunities to earn more money beginning today!

Benefits Include:
  • Business Owners - Grow you Business Quickly
  • A Flexible Work Schedule
  • Personal Protection for You, Family and Friends
  • Bring Neighbors/Community Together 
  • Make an Impact - Reduce Crime (knowing we are not alone)!
  • Extra Cash
We have a number of business opportunities for existing business that will grown your business and sales quickly. Be one of the first with little competition while offering products for your customers that will keep them safe!

Hosting Parities - Do you enjoy earning extra money, getting free stuff or even vacation trips that cost little or are free! If your answer is yes, then consider hosting a Self Defense Products Party. Statistics show that fostering a sense of community among neighbors not only deters crime but can have an impact on well-being (knowing we are not alone)!

Sales - We need sales people to visit retail stores, share our products and open accounts with Home Self Defense Products. Please email or call us direct if interested and that sales is your talent of expertise.

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