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Emergency preparedness supplies should include long term food storage. Should extended amount of time elapse during a disaster, 72 hour kits will not sustain you. We offer numerous survival package options with long shelf life.

Chances are when an emergency strikes caused by a natural disaster, that a 72 hour supply of food, water and first aid supplies will be sufficient in most cases. But occasionally long-term food storage is absolutely essential for a big natural disaster, as part of your emergency preparedness kit or "go kit", as it is frequently called.

When big natural disasters happen the normal support system that is available to people for food power, water, medical and emergency services is unavailable because first responders have other duties. It falls on the head of household to not only have a 72 hour supply of food and water, but also long-term food storage capability for long-term emergencies.

When you're in the market for long-term food storage supplies for your emergency preparedness kit look no further than our online store where we have the biggest selection of food products with a 25 year shelf life. You can buy them now and store them with confidence knowing that they will be ready to go when you need to.
1440 Servings Freeze Dried Vegetable and Sauces1440 Servings Freeze Dried Vegetable and SaucesFreeze Dried 1440 Servings Vegetable and Sauces Sealed in Mylar Pouches and Designed to Mix & Match with Various Sauce Options.
2400 Calorie Food Bar2400 Calorie Food BarEmergency 2400 High Calorie Food Bar with 5 Year Shelf Life.
360 Serving Milk Bucket360 Serving Milk BucketNutritous 360 Serving Milk Buckets - 12 Servings Per Pouch Shelf Life of 25 Years.
56 Serving Grab n Go Bucket56 Serving Grab n Go BucketThe 56 Serving Gran n Go  Ready Made Meals Food Bucket Ideal for the Unplanned Emergency Pacled and Sealed with Notroglen Myalr Pouches.
720 Serving Milk Bucket720 Serving Milk BucketLong Term Storage 720 Milk Bucket Servings with 25 Years Shelf Life.
Gluten Free 84 Serving Entree and Breakfast BucketGluten Free 84 Serving Entree and Breakfast BucketGluten Free 84 Servings Entree and Breakfast Bucket Both Freeze-dried and Dehydrated with 25 Year Shelf Life.
NEW 1440 Serving Fruit BucketNEW 1440 Serving Fruit BucketFreeze Dried 1440 Servings of Mixed Fruits Safely Packed In Mylar Pouches with 20 Year Shelf Life.
Wise Company Emergency Food Supply: 60 Serving EntreesWise Company Emergency Food Supply: 60 Serving Entrees60 Servings Emergency Food Supply with 25 Year Shelf Life.

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