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Professional Locksmiths are essential to our everyday lives and security. Most of us at one time or another have experienced an emergency such as "locked keys in the car" and searched for a Locksmith near me or 24 hour Locksmith. Other services we rely on include pop a lock, need a key cut or duplicate keys made. For some the worse, loose your keys.

To effectively protect our homes, cars, personal property and more, we use some type of a Lock. It was once said a lock is not to keep others out but rather to keep others honest. 

Locks do offer security protection and peace of mind when used. Locks that require a key offer even more protection that one day could protect you and save your life!

Locks do offer security protection and peace of mind when used. Locks that require a key, your security options are dramatically increase when a "Self Defense Key-Chain Options" has been added. These options one day could protect you and save your life!

The world we share with others, there is danger all around, especially when we leave our homes. We may never see first-hand or experience any of the danger but, should that one day arrive and you are confronted, you need to be prepared and not become another victim or be part of the headline news!

Your keys you use to protect property can also be protecting you! Know as "Key-Chain Security or Self Defense" the options avail to you to be prepared are near endless.

We have organized and grouped the different options into categories. Any of these these options will provide you the self defense protection you need. It all comes down to what you are most comfortable carrying and using should that day arrive you are confronted and need to protect yourself!

You might be asking yourself, why are these security options associated to Locksmiths? We all use locks and keys and and the next time you use a Locksmith, consider adding one of these options to your keys. Many Locksmiths still do business using Brick and Mortar stores. Consider visiting your Locksmith, even if no lock or key service is needed to become prepared and safety secure.

Locksmiths - We offer Locksmith Tools, Lock Picking tools and Key-Chain Security Options. Consider stocking our products for your clients and expect to see more customer inquires for Key-Chain Security. 
We are prepared to partner with you as needed that best fits you business model. Our services are not limited and if necessary, we can drop-ship direct to your customers.
Questions or other business needs? Call or email us as we are confident we can accommodate anything you will need!

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