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Get a strong easy to carry Keychain pepper spray that is a non-lethal self defense product that is most effective against assault. We offer for sale law enforcement OC that is hand held or in a holster for a cheap affordable price.

AccuFire Laser Pepper Spray BlackAccuFire Laser Pepper Spray BlackWorlds First and Only Laser Sight Pepper Spray the New Guard Dog AccuFire with UV Dye and Firing Distance up to 16 Feet.
Black Perfume Protector Stun Gun and Pepper Spray KitBlack Perfume Protector Stun Gun and Pepper Spray KitDouble Protection the Perfume Protector Stun Gun and Black Hard-case Key-chain Pepper Spray. Excellent Security Protection for Yourself or Gift for Family - Friends - Colleagues and More.
BLINGSTINGĀ® Pepper Spray 1/2 ozBLINGSTINGĀ® Pepper Spray 1/2 ozThis half ounce canister of 2 million SHU (Scoville Heat Units) is inside a disguised rhinestone charm that no one would suspect is a self-defense weapon for women. The safety mechanism prevents accidental discharge, is easy to use and allows for fast access in an emergency.
Break Away Key RingBreak Away Key RingBreak Away Key Ring - Detach Pepper Spray or Stun Gun Quickly.
Dooney & Bourke Holster Pepper SprayDooney & Bourke Holster Pepper SprayDesigner pepper spray that is also the most potent powerful hottest spray on the market. Available in different colors.
Fashion Model Pepper Spray 23 Pink & BlackFashion Model Pepper Spray 23 Pink & BlackIf you take an independently tested pepper spray that is one of the hottest available because it has an extra dose of capsaicin and place it inside an attractive looking holster with a key ring attachment you have the perfect self-defense weapon especially for women who are fashion conscious.
Guard Dog Bling It On Pepper Spray BlueGuard Dog Bling It On Pepper Spray BlueGuard Dog Bling It On Key-Chain Pepper Sprays Adorned with Rhinestones and Available Colors include Blue, Black, Pink and Red. Practice Spray Option Available.
Halo Black Pepper Spray with Safety Flip TopHalo Black Pepper Spray with Safety Flip TopThe New Halo Pepper Spray with Safety Flip Top Bundle Package of 6 Sprays Women and Men are Searching For. Return on Investment 45%.
Halo Pink Pepper Spray with Safety Flip TopHalo Pink Pepper Spray with Safety Flip TopThe New Halo Pepper Spray with Safety Flip Top Bundle Package of 6 Sprays Women and Men are Searching For. Return on Investment 45%.
Mace Muzzle with HolsterMace Muzzle with HolsterMace Muzzle Animal Repellent with Our Exclusive Easy to Use Holster that Keeps the Spray Ready for Use Short Notice.
Pepper Spray Colored Leatherette HolsterPepper Spray Colored Leatherette HolsterPepper spray on a keychain that can be hung on your purse or used with your keys. These options are popular so so never forget to take your spray with you. Available in several colors
Police Strength Streetwise Pepper SprayPolice Strength Streetwise Pepper SprayStrongest potent pepper spray available for women. This model comes with keychain so you never forget it when leaving home.
Quick Draw Retractable Pepper SprayQuick Draw Retractable Pepper SprayEliminator Brand Quick Draw Retractable Pepper Spray.
SABRE RED Spitfire - ZombieSABRE RED Spitfire - ZombieSabre Brand Spitfire Zombie Maximum Strength Pepper Spray with Keyring.
What makes keychain pepper sprays the most popular type of defensive spray? The idea originated that no matter where you go you always have your keys with you. If you have a keychain attachment for your pepper spray is more than likely to be there whenever you need it which quite frankly can be any time.
Just because it's on a keychain does not mean it's any less potent. It is not a toy. Misuse of a pepper spray of any time can be grounds for criminal prosecution because pepper sprays are a weapon and a very proficient one.
Aside from the utility of having it with you all the time, if a pepper spray is on a keychain it makes it easier for women to find the spray in those deep purses that they carry.
Pepper sprays are legal and just about every state with no restrictions. A few cities and states have restrictions but we should note that those laws are changing all the time.
How effective are pepper sprays? On average they are close to 90% effective. As a testament to their effectiveness every police officer in the country carries a defensive spray on his utility belt as his first nonlethal alternative in the performance of his duties. You can't get much better testimony than that.
A shot in the face with pepper spray creates a lot of pain, causes profuse tearing of the eyes and makes breathing very difficult. It is nasty stuff and for good reason. It is made from the resin of one of the strongest peppers in the world. It can disable an assailant for as long as 45 minutes giving you more than ample time to escape a potentially dangerous situation and seek help.
Especially if you are a woman you should not go anywhere without a keychain pepper spray making it your first line of nonlethal self-defense

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