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Preparing for emergencies is more than food. Water, hygiene and sanitation must be part of your plan. For both home and school include these important survival options into your emergency preparedness plan.

Sanitation, water and hygiene at home and in schools is crucial for health, survival and economic development. If there is any question in your mind just look at Third World countries and see what they have in common. Usually it is not much more than a basic lack of sanitation, water supply and proper hygiene at home and in schools.

In the United States we are lucky because most of the country has first rate sanitation and hygiene. But in emergency circumstances such as natural disasters basic services such as garbage collection, safe disposal of human waste, and other hygiene and sanitation concerns go out the window.

Many people love to camp in the great outdoors. It is one of life's simple pleasures but it provides an increased risk of sanitation and hygiene related diseases that are normally associated with Third World countries and weather-related emergencies.

We have a great supply of sanitation and hygiene related products in our online store that can be used in any emergency or for any camping situation where normal water supplies might be compromised. Don't put your family at risk with hygiene and sanitation related diseases when one of our products can protect you and your family.
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1 Gallon Bucket Wise FIre1 Gallon Bucket Wise FIreEmergency survival kits that include materials conveniently packaged to make an instant fire when you need it the most.
5 Quart Collapsible Water Carrier5 Quart Collapsible Water Carrier5 Quart Collapsible Water Carrier.
Compact Multi-Function ShovelCompact Multi-Function ShovelCompact Lightweight Multi Function Tool and Shovel Ideal for All Survival Kits and Cars
Deluxe Hygiene KitDeluxe Hygiene KitDeluxe 24 Piece Hygiene Kit that Is A Must for All Emergency Preparedness Kits and Bags.

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