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Child Safety - Options to Help Keep Children Safe

As parents, our number one priority is "How Do We Keep our Children Safe." Abductions, drownings and school shootings are just some of the dangers our children face today. Face it, the world is changing and not for the better.

The question you must ask yourself "How can I protect my Child."

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iKeyp Bolt Smart Storage SafeiKeyp Bolt Smart Storage SafePersonal Safe Enabled by Smartphones Safely Hide inside Valuables including Money Stash Prescriptions and More. Stop Unauthorized access to Medications including children.
Prosheild Scout Bulletproof Backpack TealProsheild Scout Bulletproof Backpack TealThe Prosheild Lightweight Teal Color Scout Bulletproof Backpack Official Certified NIJ Level IIIA Protection. Lightweight Just Ounces More than a Non-Armored Backpack.
Streetwise Emoji Bulletproof Backpack OrangeStreetwise Emoji Bulletproof Backpack OrangeNew Design and Style The Streetwise Emoji Orange Bulletproof Lightweight Backpack for All Student Ages Offer Additional Personal Security Protection When Away from Home Such As School.
Streetwise Emoji Bulletproof Backpack YellowStreetwise Emoji Bulletproof Backpack YellowNew The Streetwise Emoji Bulletproof Yellow Backpack that Is Lightweight for All Student Ages Offering Additional Personal Protection When Away from Home Such As At School.
As much as want to be there to protect our children 24/7, the reality is we cant. We rely on others to take care of our children when we are away!

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