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Hospital Staff Personal Security Alarms

Hospitals are know for monitoring alarms for pulse, heartbeat, IV medications, ventilators and much more.

What about hospital staff safety! Recent studies show an alarming rate of violence and attacks. In the past decade there has been an 110% spike in the rate of violent incidents against healthcare workers.

Often, the patents are the one committing violent attacks against hospital staff that includes kick, scratch, grab and reports of even killing the staff member. The there is the others that committ assaults against your staff for a wide-range of reasons to be concerned about!

Personal alarms are effective and proven to work in the health-care setting:

  • Small Hand-Held or Clip-on Electronic Device
  • Emits a Loud Siren-like Alarming Sound
  • Activated Either By A Button , Tag or Pull-String
  • Many Have Flashing LED Lights When Armed
  • Effective Personal Protection Against Danger and Attacks
  • Quickly Alerts Others Your Are In Danger
  • Cost Effective Protection for Healthcare Workers 

Protect your staff with a personal alarm. We offer a wide-range of sizes, styles that are all cost-effective. We also offer bulk-discounts for large purchases.

Message us today support@selfdefenseproductsinc.com with all your needs and we will respond timely with a price quote to meet any budget needs.

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iKeyp Bolt Smart Storage SafeiKeyp Bolt Smart Storage SafePersonal Safe Enabled by Smartphones Safely Hide inside Valuables including Money Stash Prescriptions and More. Stop Unauthorized access to Medications including children.
Key Alert with FlashlightKey Alert with FlashlightThis 120 db personal protection alarm has a keychain attachment so it can be with you at all times. Press the alarm lightly for a small short sound or press the button completely until your emergency situation is resolved.
Personal AlarmPersonal AlarmPersonal Alarm - When the safety pin is removed from the alarm the loud, piercing 130 decibel alarm will sound.
Pink Tactical Pen with LightPink Tactical Pen with LightExclusive Sales Counter Top Offer Six Pink Tactical Writing Pens with Light includes High Return on Investment of 50%.
SABRE - Personal AlarmSABRE - Personal AlarmSabre Multi-Purpose Personal Alarm Easily Attaches to Bags Purses Belts Waste Bands and Much More
SABRE - Personal Alarm Supports RAINNSABRE - Personal Alarm Supports RAINNSabre RAINN Personal Alarm (Supports Rainn Rape, Abuse and Incest National Network).
Streetwise iAlarmStreetwise iAlarmSmall In Size About 2.5 Inches and Loud Personal I-Alarm from Streetwise Security Products Easy to Use
Streetwise Panic Alarm BlackStreetwise Panic Alarm BlackThis convenient personal security alarm from Streetwise can attach to your keys or clip to your clothes allowing you quick access to a nonlethal way to defend yourself in an attack.
Streetwise Personal/Door Alarm w/ LightStreetwise Personal/Door Alarm w/ LightStreetwise Loud Personal and or Door Alarm with Light When Activated Sounds 130dB Alarm with Flashlight Light
Streetwise Smart Sensor Volumetric AlarmStreetwise Smart Sensor Volumetric AlarmVolumetric Alarm that Measures Air Pressure Change and Sounds Loud Alarm Before the Intruder Ever Has An Opportunity to Enter Your Home or Business.

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