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Home security burglar alarms that that provide safety against intruders. These alarms omit loud sound during an emergency that will alert you and your neighbors. We offer all of our alarms for an affordable price while making it easy for you to buy online.

Defender Indoor Video Security System Warning SignDefender Indoor Video Security System Warning SignPosting Warning signs is a Simple and Effective way to Help Deter Criminals from Targeting your Property. Protect your Home or Business against Theft, Vandalism and Property Damage by Letting Visitors know the Location is Secure.
Driveway PatrolDriveway PatrolThis popular passive infrared (PIR) motion activated alarm is effective up to 400 feet away with a 30 degree viewing angle. The "Driveway Patrol" uses a receiver that is placed inside the home and the transmitter by your driveway. When a car enters your driveway you are alerted with a chime. Can be used by businesses to announce customers in a store. Requires one 9 volt and three C batteries. No wiring needed and installs in seconds.
Electronic Barking Dog AlarmElectronic Barking Dog AlarmThe electronic watchdog is one of the most effective, motion activated home security alarms available. When an intruder enters the protected area of as much as 15 feet away, the sound of a barking dog starts. Both the volume and sensitivity are adjustable. Law enforcement authorities tell us the sound of a barking dog is the best deterrent to home burglary because burglars don't like dogs!
Full Range Camera and Bug DetectorFull Range Camera and Bug DetectorLight-weight easy to use Full Range Camera and Bug Detector will find all types of hidden cameras (wired and wireless) - audio bugs and RF signals.
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GE Programmable Power StripGE Programmable Power StripThis programmable timer by GE gives you the capability to turn lights or other devices such as radios or TVs on and off at preset times giving the impression to passersby that someone is home. This digital strip can accommodate eight devices and is a valuable home security item used to help prevent burglary.
Glass Breakage AlarmGlass Breakage AlarmPlace this alarm by your windows or doors and it will detect the smallest vibration that may be caused by intruders breaking in. It can also protect your smaller items such as computers and televisions. Once these items are moved, the alarm will release high 100dB siren lasting for 10 to 20 seconds to warn you of a possible burglary attempt. The alarm can be set to low or high sensitivity depending on the level of vibration expected.
Home Safe Wireless Home Security Motion SensorHome Safe Wireless Home Security Motion SensorEasily Protect Windows and Doors with the Home Safe Wireless Security Motion Sensor Detects Motion Up to 8 Meters Away with 110 Degree Detenction Angle
Home Safe Wireless Home Security SystemHome Safe Wireless Home Security SystemHome Safe Wireless Home Security System with Auto Dial.
HomeSafe Wireless Home Security Vibration SensorHomeSafe Wireless Home Security Vibration SensorVibration Sensor Alarm Detects Dooor or Window Being Opened.
HomeSafe┬« Wireless Safety Alert & Driveway Patrol AlarmHomeSafe┬« Wireless Safety Alert & Driveway Patrol AlarmHomeSafe® Wireless Safety Alert & Driveway Patrol Alarm Uses Passive Infared to Detect Any Motion of the Area You Have Assigned the Alarm to Monitor.
Knight Light Motion Activated AlarmKnight Light Motion Activated AlarmThe Streetwise Knight Light Motion Activated Light and Alarm with Remote includes 80 Lumen LED Light Detects Motion Up to 16 Feet Away.
Large Alarmed PadlockLarge Alarmed PadlockAmed padlocks that provide the full security uu needfor your propert that come with loud siren built in.
Mini Alert AlarmMini Alert AlarmThis home security alarm uses passive infrared technology and operates on three AA batteries (included) to produce an infrared triangle protecting an area from intruders. It creates an unseen barrier that's impossible to penetrate without setting off the alarm!
Mini Alert AlarmMini Alert AlarmPassive Infrared Technology Mini Alert Alarm.
Mini Window AlarmMini Window AlarmEffective window alarm that can be used for both home and business protection from intruders.
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Consider these facts:
  1. 90% of all burglars are relative 'rookies' committing the crime for the first or second time.
  1. Most homeowners make home burglary easy by not even locking all their doors and windows.
This is why home protection alarms are so effective. When activated, these alarms sound shrill noises that are loud enough to scare away even the most experienced burglar, but especially 'rookies' who are not used to the sound of a burglar alarm.

They come in two basic styles; motion activated and door/window alarms.

  • Motion activated home protection alarms are by far the most popular but they are a little bit more expensive than door/window alarms. They are activated when someone enters the protected area which is why they are literally foolproof as home protection alarms.
  • Window/door alarms are the second type and are very popular because they are less expensive and just as effective. They sound a loud alarm when the contact is broken by opening the door or window.

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