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Searching for emergency preparedness kits including the popular 72 hour kit. We offer some of the best personal options available online such as the backpack, meal and food for survival.

If a weather related emergency or a natural disaster strikes, are you going to be ready to take care of your family when all normal support systems are shut down?  If a wildfire, flood, tornado, hurricane or any other weather related natural disaster threatens your personal safety and the survival of your family, have you done the natural disaster and emergency preparedness planning to provide for your family survival with meals, water, emergency medical supplies and a 72 hour emergency kit to get you through the worst of it?

Natural disasters and weather related emergencies cause power outages and potential loss of homes and lives. They also cause commercial enterprises such as stores, hospitals and other normal support systems to be unavailable. Emergency first responders are tasked with other duties, so it is up to you to provide for your family with home and personal survival emergency kits which contain food, water and medical supplies.

Our online store is the best place for you to get your survival needs for both personal and home use. The 72 hour emergency kit with meals, water and medical supplies may be all you need. But we have other emergency preparedness products that can help ensure the survival of you and your family.
5 Person 72 Hours Survival Kit5 Person 72 Hours Survival KitEmergency Preparedness 72 Hour Survival Kit 5 Person includes Bucket and More.
72 Hour Food Storage Kit72 Hour Food Storage KitEmergency Survival 72 Hour Backpack Kit Loaded with Various Supplies Including Food Water Tools Lights Saniatation and More.
Streetwise Survival KitStreetwise Survival KitNew Emergency Preparedness On-line Survival Kit Option that's Loaded with Survival tools and Well Organized into A Small Compact Case for Quick Easy Access when Needed. Ideal for Cars Vehilces and More.

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