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Burglary is the number one crime committed and why we all need home security products. Effective protection for your family and assets include modern wireless cameras, motion detectors and self defense detectors for your doors and windows. We sell only the best options available for a cheap price.

As an industry, the home security products category has made leaps and bounds in the last decade largely due to advances in technology. Home security cameras with motion detectors are a good example. Many of them offer wireless technology for the best, modern security cameras available. They are a far cry from cameras in the old days that recorded everything so there was a lot of dead time. These home security cameras with motion detectors only record when there is motion in front of the lens using PIR technology.
Home security products are an $82 billion a year industry. The reason it is so big is because crime is rampant, especially home burglary. Home self-defense includes a wide range of products from window and door alarms, to home security systems, to something as simple as signs for your front yard or a monitored home security. The modern way to protect your home and give you some home self-defense is with home security cameras with motion detectors. They provide the most effective way to catch a burglar if he should happen to break into your home.

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