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Home and Business Security Safes

Our goal at Self Defense Products Inc is to protect you with high quality products like our home and business safes.

Whether you are in the market for a home or business safe, we have what you are looking for to safely guard and protect all your valuables and cash.

Many of our home and business safes are fire rated. So not only do they protect you from theft, water damage, and burglaries, they will protect your documents and valuables during a fire.

See our huge wide selection of safe models to meet any homeowner or business needs!

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Barska 4.33 Cubic Optics BioMetric Rifle Safe KeypadBarska 4.33 Cubic Optics BioMetric Rifle Safe KeypadThe HQ900 Standard Biometric Keypad Rifle Safe by Barska is a Great Way to Keep Rifles and other Firearms Securely Stored and Readily Accessible. The HQ900 Features an Advanced Biometric Fingerprint Identification System and Much More.
Barska Optics BioMetric Rifle Safe Extra LargeBarska Optics BioMetric Rifle Safe Extra LargeThe Largest Biometric Safe to Date allows you to Keep Items Securely and Quickly Accessible with a Scan of your Fingerprint. The Advanced Biometric Fingerprint Recognition Technology Allows for Fast Secure Access to your Items with the Simple Scan of a Fingerprint. 
Barska Optics BioMetric Rifle Safe KeypadBarska Optics BioMetric Rifle Safe KeypadThe HQ Series of Biometric Keypad Rifle Safes by Barska are the Quickest way to Access your Firearms while Keeping them Completely Safe and Secure. The Advanced Biometric Fingerprint Scanner only Allows Access to Authorized Users who have been Registered into the Biometric Database. 
Barska Optics BioMetric Wall SafeBarska Optics BioMetric Wall SafeThe Biometric Wall Safe from Barska (Right Opening Door) is Accessible using a Technologically Advanced Fingerprint Identification System. This Safes BioSecure Biometric Device Features an Optical Scanner that Analyzes the Scanned Fingerprint.
Barska Optics Cash Box with Key LockBarska Optics Cash Box with Key LockBarska Optics Cash Box with Key Lock Ideal for Conducting Cash Transactions while on the Go. A Tough Steel Construction and Internal Organization Trays Help Keep Cash Secured and Organized. The 5 Section Coin Tray Automatically Lifts when the Cash Box is Open.
Barska Optics Key Underground SafeBarska Optics Key Underground SafeThe 0.22 Cubic Ft. Underground Safe by Barska Offers a Discreet Way of Storing Valuables and Important Belongings. This Solid Steel Floor Safe fits Easily Between the Joists Underneath most Floorboards.
Barska Optics Keypad Safe Large DepositoryBarska Optics Keypad Safe Large DepositoryLarge Keypad Depository Safe by Barska Instead of Leaving large bills and Extra Cash inside the Register, Simply Drop the Items of Value Such as Coin Bags into the Access Portal in the Safe where it Stays Safely Out of Reach. 
Barska Optics Lock Box with Glass DoorBarska Optics Lock Box with Glass DoorThe Portable 50 Position Key Lock Box from Barska Features a Hook-Style Cabinet that Makes Key Organization Easy and Convenient. Included Colored Key Tags allow the User to Label Each Key for Easy Identification.
Barska Opticsc Picture Wall Mount SafeBarska Opticsc Picture Wall Mount SafeYour Keys won't go Missing Again with this a Multifunctional Picture Frame and Key Holder which Easily Hold a 4" x 6" Picture that is Displayed through the Frame, for Personalization in any Home. 
Bulldog Cases Personal Vaults Magnum LED Quick Vault with RFID AccessBulldog Cases Personal Vaults Magnum LED Quick Vault with RFID AccessUser Friendly RFID option the Bulldog Personal Vault Allows Entry by use of an RFID Access Card, Emergency Key, Key Fob and Access Buttons. Quick Opening Spring Loaded Door with Quiet, "Soft Stop" Technology allows Retrieval of Firearm without Revealing Location.
Hornady Rapid Safe Vehicle Safe with RFID LockHornady Rapid Safe Vehicle Safe with RFID LockThe RAPiD System Vehicle Safe features an Inflatable Bladder that Conforms to a Vehicle Interior's Shape, Making Modifications to the Vehicle Unnecessary. Power is Supplied by the Included 12-Volt Car Adapter or Four AAA Batteries.
Hornady Rapid Safe WristbandHornady Rapid Safe WristbandOpen your Safe in the Blink of an Eye - the RAPiD Safe is the First to use Patent-Pending Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) for Instant Access. Simply Place the included RFID Bracelet over the Reader, and the RAPiD Safe Springs Open to Present your Handgun.
Lockdown Gun Concealment MagnetLockdown Gun Concealment MagnetFrankford Arsenal Gun Concealment Magnet, Attach your Gun under a Desk for Quick Access. Mounts Anywhere, Vertical, Horizontal, Hanging Upside Sown, or at an Angle.
Lockdown LED Vault Tape LightingLockdown LED Vault Tape LightingIlluminate and Customize your Vault Space with the Lockdown LED Vault Tape Light. Easy Installation and Adjustable Time Delay, your Safe will be Organized and Lit Exactly the Way you Want It.
Lockdown Magnetic Barrel RestLockdown Magnetic Barrel RestAccessing a Gun Deep in the Back of a Vault can be Challenging. Rather than Juggling an Armful of Long Guns, Deploy the Lockdown Magnetic Barrel Rest. It Conveniently Secures to the Outside of any Vault and Provides a Perfect Staging Location. 
SnapSafe In Wall Digital SafeSnapSafe In Wall Digital SafeThe SnapSafe in Wall Safe is the Perfect Safe Storage Solution for Valuables. Fits Seamlessly in Between 2 Wall Studs and is Secured by 6 Lag Bolts.
SnapSafe Lockbox Large Keyed Lock GraySnapSafe Lockbox Large Keyed Lock GrayA Snap Safe portable Lock Box is a Great Way to Safely and Securely Store your Guns or other Valuables at Home or on the Go. Pry Resistant 16 Gauge Steel Construction.
SnapSafe Lockbox X-Large Keyed Lock GraySnapSafe Lockbox X-Large Keyed Lock GrayA Snap Safe Portable Lock Box is a Great Way to Safely and Securely Store your Guns or other Valuables at Home or on the Go. Pry Resistant 16 Gauge Steel Construction and a 1500 Pound Rated Security Cable Prevents Unauthorized Access to your Firearm Anywhere your Adventures Take You. 

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