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Guard Dog Tactical Flashlights
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Diablo [Military Edition] - 160 Lumen Tactical FlashlightDiablo [Military Edition] - 160 Lumen Tactical FlashlightThe most versatile stun flashlight now comes in an authentic tree camouflage design making it the perfect self-defense weapon for personal security and tactical and security purposes. The 4.5 million volt stun device probes are concealed inside the bezel face which also works as a glass breaker. The 160 lumen flashlight has high, low or emergency strobe functions. It is less than 7 inches long and is completely rechargeable.
Forte 280 FlashlightForte 280 FlashlightGuard Dog Forte Bright 280 Lumen Keychain Flashlight Fits Nicely in the Palm of Your Hand Loaded with Many Features
Forte 280 FlashlightForte 280 FlashlightSmall Yet Powerful Black Guard Dog Forte with 280 Lumens Keychain Flashlight.
Guard Dog Empire Rechargeable Tactical FlashlightGuard Dog Empire Rechargeable Tactical FlashlightUnique and Very Bright the Empire Tactical Flashlight from Guard Dog.
Guard Dog EscortGuard Dog EscortThis powerful tactical flashlight has 6,500,000 volts offering all the protection you would ever need should the moment arrive requiring personal protection.
Guard Dog Icon 3000 Lumen Rechargeable FloodlightGuard Dog Icon 3000 Lumen Rechargeable FloodlightGuard Dog's Icon Tactical Flashlight Floodlight with 3000 Lumens Powered by 4 Isolated High-Intensity CREE Bulbs.
Guard Dog Ignight 320 Compact Tactical FlashlightGuard Dog Ignight 320 Compact Tactical FlashlightGuard Dog Ignight 320 Lumen Compact Shockproof Tactical Zoom-able Flashlight with Emergency Strobe Weather and Waterproof.
Guard Dog Orion - Tactical FlashlightGuard Dog Orion - Tactical FlashlightNow a tactical flashlight market for civilians that is the same used by police. Bright, powerful and waterproof lightweight handheld model that is ideal to add your survial and self defense preperations.
Guard Dog Pen Point Flashlight BlackGuard Dog Pen Point Flashlight BlackSize, Power, and Design Come Together in the Guard Dog Pen Point 150 lumen Penlight Flashlight Colors Black, Blue, Red and Pink.
Guard Dog Special Ops – 360 Lumen Tactical Flashlight  (black)Guard Dog Special Ops – 360 Lumen Tactical Flashlight (black)This special operations tactical flashlight is the most powerful yet with 8,000,000 volts and a 360 lumen flashlight inside a light aluminum alloy body. It uses the patent pending concealed inner probe technology and an emergency glass breaker feature that makes it valuable tool to carry in your car. 
Guard Dog Tacforce 1000 Lumens FlashlightGuard Dog Tacforce 1000 Lumens FlashlightThe Guard Dog Tacforce with Aluminum Alloy Body and 1000 Lumens Flashlight, Glow-in-the-Dark Tail Cap, the Tactforce is the Pinnacle of Preparedness and Illumination.
Guard Dog Tacforce Flashlight and Lantern 600 LumenGuard Dog Tacforce Flashlight and Lantern 600 LumenGuard Dog Tacforce 600 Lumens Flashlight and Lantern with Magnetic Tail Cap Emergency and Survival Multiple Uses and Can Be Seen Over 400 Feet Away.
igNight 800 Multimedia FlashlightigNight 800 Multimedia FlashlightExtrenely Bight 800 Lumen Guard Dog IgNight Tactical Flashlight.
Multi-functional Tactical Flashlight + LanternMulti-functional Tactical Flashlight + LanternOne of a kind tactical flashlight that can also be used as a bright lantern.
Tactical Flashlight 5 Function RechargeableTactical Flashlight 5 Function RechargeableRechargeable powerful waterproof tactical flashlight that includes multiple functions including an emergency strobe.

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