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Guard Dog Security Mini Stun Guns

Both the Guard Dog and Monster Stun Gun models come in a variety of styles, sizes and unique colors! Many of these mini stun gun florescent colors are only available in the Guard Dog brand.

If you are shopping for something different, consider anyone of the Guard Dog stun guns that do include full Lifetime Warranty.

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Guard Dog Disabler - TealGuard Dog Disabler - TealNew Color Teal The Guard Dog Disabler 18 Million Volt Rechargeable Mini Stun Gun includes LED Light Safety Pin and Holster.
Guard Dog Electra – 3000 Concealed Lipstick Stun (pink)Guard Dog Electra – 3000 Concealed Lipstick Stun (pink)Take an ordinary looking lipstick tube used by every female in America and put in a 3,000,000 volt concealed stun gun with a 100 lumen flashlight and make it rechargeable. That is what this Guard Dog "electra" model concealed lipstick stun gun is all about. It is one of the most devastating disguised self-defense products available and you will be the only one who knows what it really is.
Guard Dog Hornet 2 - PinkGuard Dog Hornet 2 - PinkThe Smallest Stun Gun in the World Now with an Added Panic Alarm with 120 Decibels call for Attention form Others while Scaring Away an Assailant.
Monster 18,000,000 Rechargeable Stun GunMonster 18,000,000 Rechargeable Stun GunThe Monster series of stun guns provide quality, stylish, powerful and economic stun guns. Made with a fully rubber-coated body.
Monster 25 Million Volt Rechargeable Stun GunMonster 25 Million Volt Rechargeable Stun GunThe Monster 25,000,000 Disabler stun gun combines power with added security. With quick activation of the safety switch, this Monster stun gun fires off a loud, electrifying shock.
Stun Gun w/LED Light and Cigarette LighterStun Gun w/LED Light and Cigarette Lighter
Two Ring Stun GunTwo Ring Stun GunGuard Dog Double Power High Voltage Stun Gun Perfect Fit For Runners Joggers or Anyone Searching for Self Defense Protection. Three Colors Avail.

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