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Guard Dog Key-Chain Pepper Spray Options

Guard Dog Security key-chain pepper sprays were developed for your safety when away form home. Attached your keys for both your home and your car to ensure you will have your pepper spray with you when away for the safety of your home. 

Key-Chain pepper spray has all of the same features as any of the other pepper sprays, including law enforcement strength.

Guard Dog Key-Chain Options:

  • Leatherette Holsters
  • Soft Case
  • Hard Case 
  • Laser Sight
  • Selection of Colors
  • Variety of Designs and Styles

Inert Practice Pepper Spray and Target Set

Have you ever used pepper spray before? If the answer is no, are you prepared to protect yourself, sometimes with only a split-second notice to spray the attacker!

Add the practice protection set too your order. Upon delivery, set aside a few minutes and become familiar with how to use pepper spray. Don't put this off and wait until it is convenient. You never know if that day and time will arrive and you will have that split-second to defend yourself form danger and escape unharmed!
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AccuFire Laser Pepper Spray BlackAccuFire Laser Pepper Spray BlackWorlds First and Only Laser Sight Pepper Spray the New Guard Dog AccuFire with UV Dye and Firing Distance up to 16 Feet.
Guard Dog Electra Gift Set Black and RedGuard Dog Electra Gift Set Black and RedGuard Dog Electra Set includes Stylish Key-Chain Disguised Lipstick Stun Gun and Pepper Spray Set.
Guard Dog Harm and Hammer BlackGuard Dog Harm and Hammer BlackThe Guard Dog Harm and Hammer Duel Combo Punch includes Pepper Spray and Built-in Hammer for Self Defense and Emergency Glass Breaker.
Guard Dog Practice Pepper Spray and TargetGuard Dog Practice Pepper Spray and TargetThe Guard Dog Practice Set includes One Inert Practice Spray and One Practice Target.
Guard Dog ½ Ounce Pepper Spray w/ Pocket ClipGuard Dog ½ Ounce Pepper Spray w/ Pocket ClipThis simplified design pepper spray makes it the perfect self-defense weapon for both women and men. It has pocket clip to make it easy to carry and a twist top safety for preventing accidental discharge. It can fire 7-9 shots of one second each up to 12 feet away.

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