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GE Programmable Power Strip
GE Programmable Power Strip
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GE Programmable Digital Power Strip Timer w/ 8 Outlets

Save money and organize your electrical devices with the help of the GE Programmable Digital Power Strip Timer. This power strip accommodates up to eight devices or appliances and the timer can be used to control four of them. (Four are controlled by the timer and 4 are always on). Program this digital, easy-to-use timer and the system will automatically switch from one to four of your devices on or off at the desired preset times. The 4 timer controlled outlets can be programmed to switch On/Off in 1 minute intervals giving the user's complete control. Automatically switching lights or devices to turn off when they are not needed will save you money by reducing the amount of energy used to power these devices. For your peace of mind when you are away on vacation you can turn on or off appliances at preset times to make your home look and sound like someone is there. Ideal for plug-in lamps, radios, appliances, Christmas lighting, and much more. An override switch is located on the device for deactivating the timer whenever this function is needed.


  •  Automates multiple devices to help save energy and money
  • 4 timed outlets, 4 regular outlets
  • Comes with easy preset options but is customizable down to the minute
  • Programmable on a weekly cycle
  • Gives your home that “lived in look”, even when you are not there
  • Manual override feature
  • Eight outlet are rated at 15 amps total
  • For indoor use
  • Not to be used as a surge protector

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