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Frequent Travelers Personal Safety

Recent survey results concluded US Travelers took on average 466.2 million business trips and more than 88 million family vacations.

Travel can be exciting for all, especially family travel and vacations. It's easy to get caught up in the thrill of adventure while giving little thought towards travel security and personal safety.

While traveling, both business trips and family vacations, you must keep your guard up. When away form home you are more vulnerable to a wide range of theft and other dangers. Others are going to try and take advantage of you, especially if your guard is down.

There are a number of things you can do to remain safe and even enjoy of the the adventures that come with travel.

1) First and Foremost - Inform family and friends of your itinerary. Schedule date and times you will automatically check in and if you miss any of these schedule times, your family or friends are to make contact with you to verify everything is OK. Additional safety, consider carrying GPS that will track your every movement and shows your precise location at all times. GPS can be attached to your luggage, vehicles, apparel and more.

2) Personal Safety and Security - consider carrying so form or type of self defense product. The options are vast that includes; personal alarms, stun guns, Tasers, pepper spray and more. Any of of these options are effective and essentially amounts to what you are most comfortable carrying and using should that day and time arrive your personal safety is at risk and danger!

3) Hotel Room Safety - Till now how much thought have you ever given to your safety and what might have occurred previously in your hotel room! Are you willing to rely on the hotel door being secure once it closed behind you? When you leave your room for meetings, venture to the swimming pool or go out to eat, what may be happening in your hotel room when away? Is somebody spying on you without you knowledge or approval?

Clean bedding, towels, counters and even the remote control are important. What about you and your families personal safety!

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