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Danger Is All Around and Why You Need the Most Powerful and Reliable Pepper Spray Sold On Line. Fox Labs International Manufacturers the Most Intense Pepper Spray for Both Civilians and Law Enforcement that Offers Peace of Mind.

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Fox - MARK 3 FLIP TOP, 2 OZFox - MARK 3 FLIP TOP, 2 OZFox Labs Pepper Spray 2 oz Stream Flip Top.
Fox Labs Mean Green  Fog Pepper SprayFox Labs Mean Green Fog Pepper SprayFog pepper spray that offers a wide cone between 15' to 18' feet.
Fox Labs Mean-Green Pepper SprayFox Labs Mean-Green Pepper SprayPowerful pepper spray form Fox Labs that includes green dye.
Fox Labs Pepper Spray 2 oz FogFox Labs Pepper Spray 2 oz FogFox Labs Pepper Spray 2 oz Cone Fog Flip Top.
Fox Pepper Spray 1 lb. Pistol GripFox Pepper Spray 1 lb. Pistol GripFox Labs Tactical Hot and Powerful Pepper Sprays.
Are you searching for the most intense, safe to use and most powerful effective pepper spray sold on line!

Fox Labs International manufacturers premium self defense sprays that are formulated to be the safest pepper sprays for use by both civilians and law enforcement. Offered for sale are a wide range of sizes, formulas and spray patterns to meet every need. They include, varying strengths of OC, combinations of pepper spray and tear gas and ultra-violet dye so when used the individual sprayed will have dye on them that does not easily wash off. You can purchase heavy stream, fog or cone in canisters that vary from 2 ounces up to 1LB bottles of hot pepper spray. One other important factor you can count on is long shelf life with most pepper sprays sold with 3 year storage.

If you are searching for pepper spray with the intent to buy today, search no further. We virtually have every option avail from keycahin, holster, grenade, flip top, cop top, pistol grip, mean green, stream and fogs for sale at some of the best on line prices anywhere. Each of these options are avail to both civilian and law enforcement. There are few areas of restrictions as we always recommend you review our page for restrictions and or speak with local law enforcement if any doubts.

Now that you have found the best pepper spray sold on line, make your purchase today with Self Defense Products Inc and buy peace of mind.

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