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Guard Dog Flip Top and Pistol Grip Options

The Guard Dog flip-top pepper spray contains 18% OC (Oleoresin Capsicum or known as "red pepper") and invisible UV dye in the quickest release pepper spray on the market. The Guard Dog pepper spray is used with the highest grade formula and laboratory tested for no-leak and optimum efficiency. The convenient, and effective, top allows you to swiftly slide your finger underneath the safety and press for the hottest spray available for consumer use.

Efficient crowd controllerThe Guard Dog Pistol Grip fogger series comes equipped with a grip that ensures the firmest grip and handle available on crowd control devices. A red switch prevents accidental discharge, yet also allows the user to swiftly remove the safety and fire. The Pistol Grip fogger spans wide distances with 24 ounces of red hot pepper to allow for efficient crowd control, less blowback and wide ranges. Used by law enforcement worldwide

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Fogger Flip-Top Pepper SprayFogger Flip-Top Pepper SprayThis Guard Dog brand flip-top pepper spray has an 18% oleoresin capsicum concentration compared to most brands that have 10%. The quality control program ensures no leaks and a 100% firing efficiency. The effective flip-top safety helps prevent accidental discharge and easy access to the firing pin. The UV marking dye helps law enforcement identify the assailant after the attack.
Guard Dog 4oz Spray LED FlashlightGuard Dog 4oz Spray LED FlashlightNew Guard Dog Flip Top Pepper Spary with LED Flashlight.
Guard Dog Military Edition Flip-Top Pepper SprayGuard Dog Military Edition Flip-Top Pepper SprayThe Guard Dog Military Edition Flip Top UV Dye Pepper Spray with Law Enforcement Effectiveness Sprays up to 18 Feet away.
Guard Dog Practice Pepper Spray and TargetGuard Dog Practice Pepper Spray and TargetThe Guard Dog Practice Set includes One Inert Practice Spray and One Practice Target.
Guard Dog Security Fire Master FoggerGuard Dog Security Fire Master FoggerGuard Dog Powerful Pepper Spray Contains 150 Bursts includes Invisible Ultraviolet Dye that Marks Assailants for Identification after a Crime.

Pistol Grip Pepper SprayPistol Grip Pepper SprayThe pistol grip fogger by Guard Dog spray range to 45 feet Includes Greater Velocity with Less Blow Back for a Wider Range.

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