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Too survive during an emergency or disaster drinking water is a must. Preparedness includes a supply using storage tanks. Purification is essential using a filter purifier system. We offer numerous kit options for an affordable price.

Humans can go without food for as much as eight weeks, or so the experts say. But water is a different matter. If you are in reasonable shape and in near-perfect conditions-not too hot or not too cold, a human can go without water for 3 to 5 days. But depending on weather conditions, say if it's too hot-an hour or two without water can start to dehydrate you. You should never go without water for more than a day.

Which is why if you are ever out camping or hiking in the backcountry you should always have an emergency water supply for drinking and a filter system for water purification. If you should happen to get lost in the backcountry and your drinking water runs out, you have no option but to establish an emergency water supply using a purification filter system that frequently comes in a kit either with tablets or some other purifier.

Before you go in the backcountry consider getting an emergency water filter system that can as a purifier for unfiltered stream water turning it into drinking water.

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