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We offer exclusively emergency survival self defense kits that provide the best security available during the first 72 hours after a disaster. You can only purchase these packages for an affordable price from our on-line store.

The world we live in is has become increasingly violent. Crime is abundant everywhere. Assault, rape and murder are at the highest levels ever seen in our country. Not only is crime on the rise, terrorism and natural disasters have become huge concern.

On any given day, turn on the news and you will find multiple crime stories. The crimes vary but women are targeted the most. And what is even more disturbing is all of the violence involving or directed towards our children! Sadly, many of the victims reported on the news are children.

Terrorism is another area for concern and is widely covered and reported daily on the news. The stories and events covered talk about how ruthless these people are committing senseless crime against innocence law abiding citizens. These terrorists will destroy or kill anything that is a threat to them with no second thought or care. The threat against the world in-large is real and needs to be taken seriously. Have you given much thought would you would do if ever directly affected?

Natural disasters are nothing new to the planet as we know it. Yes earthquakes, hurricanes, tsunamis and other disasters will continue to happen world-wide affecting all of us on the planet. The difference now verse the past is many more people populate the planet now and the significant growth with violence. People will become desperate during a significant disaster, especially the people that were not prepared. Have you given much thought how you would protect yourself and loved ones against this threat during  disaster? Others will want what you have and will go to any length to take it away from you!

Emergency preparedness is your best option to survive. Any one or all of these events will one day happen affecting you and your family directly. Are you prepared today?

The first 72 hours immediately following a disaster are crucial to survival. Each one of us must have the essentials necessary to survive and protect ourselves during this challenging time. Self Defense Products Inc has developed Emergency Backpack Survival Self Defense Kits that will provide what you need to best survive and protect yourself and loved ones. These packages are exclusive and only available from our on-line store.

We have made it easy for you to become prepared today and select the option that best meets you and your family needs. We offer both the standard backpack and bulletproof backpack. Each of these backpacks carry food, water, security self defense and other supplies with the difference being the bulletproof offers more protection against assault. The bulletproof option is rugged, light weight (actually weighs less than the standard) and provides you the extra protection should one day you find yourself in a situation requiring protection from gun violence.

Each backpack kit we offer empowers you to choose and purchase self defense options to add to your backpack. Every option available have been carefully identified that would be your best option for protection when needed. 

Now it is up to you to take action today. Don't put it off till another day which will lead to another day and one day it will be to late.

Allow us to help you protect yourself and your loved ones with your of our emergency survival self defense kits. The world is a scary place so don't be caught unprepared.

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