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We have the alarms you need for both home, business and personal security. Options for doors and windows are vast including wireless and motion detections. Prevent burglary today with any of our affordable security devices today.

Every study that we have seen over the years on home security has shown that most homes that have been burglarized you have one thing in common-windows and doors have been left unlocked and have provided free access to the goods inside. That is one reason why home burglary is so popular among thieves-homeowners make it easy.

One of the most popular and effective tools for home burglary prevention are door alarms and window alarms. Most of them are wireless. They are an inexpensive way to protect your home from home burglary. Most of them are in the $10-$15 bracket and when activated sound an alarm that is as loud as 120 dB.

The fact of the matter is that is that most burglars-as much as 90% of them-are first or second time offenders and are easily spooked by a loud alarm. A window alarm or door alarm can easily alert neighbors that there is trouble inside your home too besides scaring the burglars away.

Recently wireless motion alarms that are activated by passive infrared sensors have become a cost-effective home security device as well for home burglary prevention.

When you are looking for ways to improve your home security and provide home burglary prevention, look no further than our store that has an excellent selection of wireless motion alarms, as well as door and window alarms all at rock-bottom prices. We have the best in home security devices to improve your home security and provide home burglary prevention.
Dead Bolt Secure- BrassDead Bolt Secure- BrassNew to the on-line market this security product will prevent burglars from picking, opening your lock and entering your home. East to install this will certainly increase your home security while providing the personal protection you are looking for, especially in your home.
Defender Indoor Video Security System Warning SignDefender Indoor Video Security System Warning SignPosting Warning signs is a Simple and Effective way to Help Deter Criminals from Targeting your Property. Protect your Home or Business against Theft, Vandalism and Property Damage by Letting Visitors know the Location is Secure.
Door Guard AlarmDoor Guard AlarmFor Home or Travel Door Guard Alarm.
Door Jammer: Portable Security DeviceDoor Jammer: Portable Security DeviceUnique and Portable the Door Jammer Security Device for Both Home and Travel Personal and Family Safety to Prevent Unwanted Intrusions into Any Room.
Electronic Barking Dog AlarmElectronic Barking Dog AlarmThe electronic watchdog is one of the most effective, motion activated home security alarms available. When an intruder enters the protected area of as much as 15 feet away, the sound of a barking dog starts. Both the volume and sensitivity are adjustable. Law enforcement authorities tell us the sound of a barking dog is the best deterrent to home burglary because burglars don't like dogs!
Glass Breakage AlarmGlass Breakage AlarmPlace this alarm by your windows or doors and it will detect the smallest vibration that may be caused by intruders breaking in. It can also protect your smaller items such as computers and televisions. Once these items are moved, the alarm will release high 100dB siren lasting for 10 to 20 seconds to warn you of a possible burglary attempt. The alarm can be set to low or high sensitivity depending on the level of vibration expected.
Mace Sports Strobe Personal Alarm 130 DBMace Sports Strobe Personal Alarm 130 DBMace 3 in 1 Versatile Emergency Flashing Strobe Personal Protection Alarm.
Mini Window AlarmMini Window AlarmEffective window alarm that can be used for both home and business protection from intruders.
Small Alarmed PadlockSmall Alarmed PadlockThis padlock is like no other and comes with a built in oud siren.
Streetwise Loud Lock Padlock with AlarmStreetwise Loud Lock Padlock with AlarmThe Streetwise Loud Lock is a hardened steel padlock with a built-in vibration sensor that sounds when any movement.
Streetwise PRO-TEC-DOOR AlarmStreetwise PRO-TEC-DOOR AlarmStreetwise Security Pro-Tec Highly Sensitive Door Alarm
Streetwise SafeZone Motion Activated Alarm w/KeypadStreetwise SafeZone Motion Activated Alarm w/KeypadStreetwise Security SafeZone Motion Activated Alarm with Keypad.
Streetwise SafeZone Solar Motion LED LightStreetwise SafeZone Solar Motion LED LightStreetwsie Security SafZone Solar Power Motion Activated LED Light.
Streetwise Smart WiFi Doorbell with ChimeStreetwise Smart WiFi Doorbell with ChimeStreetwise Smart Ring Doorbell Camera and Sound Provides Some of the Best Home Security Protection that Links to Your Cell Phone to View At Anytime Anywhere in the World.
Streetwise Virtual K9 Barking Dog AlarmStreetwise Virtual K9 Barking Dog AlarmStreetwise Virtual K9 Barking Dog Alarm Microwave Signal Can "see" Through Walls.
Super Door Stop AlarmSuper Door Stop AlarmWedge this alarm under a door to block it from being opened. If anyone tries to open the door, a 125db alarm will sound. There is also a movement sensor with adjustable sensitivity to activate the alarm if tampered with. Operates on 1 nine volt battery. Perfect for dorm rooms as well as hotel rooms where security is needed.
The Door BullThe Door BullThe Door Bull Helps your Door Frame do its Job by Distributing the Force more Effectively, Even with Key Bumping, the Door Bull Prevents the Door from Ppening, Keeping you Safe Inside.  
Wood Grain Door Stop Wedge AlarmWood Grain Door Stop Wedge AlarmThe Guard Dog Security door stop alarm provides on-the-go safety when traveling, at home or work in an attractive, precision made woodgrain design. 

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