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Women and men we have the self defense protection you need including disguised high powered electronic stun guns. We offer them for sale at an affordable cheap price and stun guns are legal for most areas.

When women get assaulted, and that happens nine times more often than with a man, seconds count. The difference between going to the hospital as a result of that assault and successfully defending yourself can be counted in seconds. Disguised stun guns can make that difference.
Nonlethal self-defense products have been time-tested to be the best legal way for women to protect themselves. Here's a good example! You are walking along a city street when suddenly you are approached from behind. You grab your disguised stun gun-which looks like your cell phone-out of your purse and hold it up to your ear as if to make a phone call. You activate the stun gun for the assailant to see the bright arcs flying back and forth between the probes and hear the sizzling sound that the electronic pulses make.
The intimidating sights and sounds of a charging electronic disguised stun gun are often enough to scare away a potential assailant. If not, a 3 to 5 second application of an electronic, disguised stun gun self-defense product will flatten any assailant.
Stun guns, pepper sprays and other self-defense products provide the best nonlethal legal alternative for men and women. They can disable an assailant long enough for you to escape a potentially dangerous situation and seek help. The best legal electronic disguised stun guns such as flashlight stun guns or cell phone stun guns short-circuit the body's muscular system-literally paralyzing it for as much as 10 minutes.
We have an outstanding selection of the best, cheap, electronic stun guns that women love for sale. That also includes other disguised stun guns such as flashlight stun guns. When you are looking for disguised self-defense products that are legal in most areas, our online store is the place to buy them.

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