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Commonly Used Products with Hidden Safe Inside

Diversion safes are great for hiding valuables safely in the open. You have qucik access to these safes when needed while no others will ever know.
  • Valuables
  • Jewelry
  • Money
  • Stash
  • Prescriptions

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Ajax Diversion SafeAjax Diversion SafeAjax Can with Real Product and Doubles As A Diversion Safe with Hidden Compartment You Can Safely Hide Valuables Money Prescriptions and More Safely In the Open.
Aquanet Hairspray Diversion SafeAquanet Hairspray Diversion SafeAquanet Hairspray Container that Doubles As A Diversion Safe Can.
Arizona Ice Tea Diversion Safe CanArizona Ice Tea Diversion Safe CanArizona Ice Tea Can That Actually Is a Hidden Safe for Your Valuables Such as Money Jewelry Prescriptions Valuables and Much More Safely
Arizona Tea Diversion SafeArizona Tea Diversion SafeArizona Tea Can that Is Hollow Stash Diversion Safe Inside.
Black Flag Insect Spray Diversion SafeBlack Flag Insect Spray Diversion SafeBlack Flag Insect Spray Diversion Safe Spray Weighted to Feel Full & Indistinguishable From the Genuine.
Book SafeBook SafeVersatility- that's the word that comes to mind with this popular diversion safe that looks like an ordinary book but inside is a secret compartment where you can hide your valuables such as cash, jewelry or small collectables on a coffee table or in a bookcase where no burglar has the time to look for items of value.
Bottle Safe - DasaniBottle Safe - DasaniAuthentic Genuine Dasani Water Bottle with Actual Water Inside Also Has Hidden Compartment that Serves as A Diversion Safe to Hide Valuables Prescriptions Money and More Safely Out In the Open.
Can Safe - BarbasolCan Safe - BarbasolThis innocuous looking can of Barbasol Shaving Cream has a secret hidden compartment to hide small valuables inside safely..
Can Safe - Beer 32 oz.Can Safe - Beer 32 oz.Where would you keep your cash and smaller valuable items such as jewelry to protect it from a burglar? A diversion safe that looks like a can of Miller High Life beer makes for the perfect place to keep smaller valuables including cash and jewelry. Get one today!
Can Safe - Delmonte Fruit CocktailCan Safe - Delmonte Fruit CocktailIt is just a fact that the last place that burglars look for items of value is in the kitchen. That's why this diversion safe that looks like a can of Del Monte fruit cocktail is a perfect container to hide smaller valuables such as cash or jewelry.
Can Safe - DesenexCan Safe - DesenexA hollowed out can of the anti -fungal medication Desenex is the last place a burglar would look for smaller valuables such as cash and jewelry. That is why this diversion safe is so effective. It can be hidden in plain sight in the bathroom.
Can Safe - Green BeansCan Safe - Green BeansBurglars look for valuables in the most obvious places starting with the bedroom. A can of green beans that has a hollowed out interior to hide cash and jewelry in plain sight in the kitchen is the last place they would look.
Can Safe Coffee MugCan Safe Coffee MugCoffee Cup with Secret Hidden Compartment Safe.The top portion can actually be used as an insulated coffee thermos. It has a no-spill top and will hold about as much coffee as a standard coffee mug.
Can Safe CornCan Safe CornHide Your Valuables Money Prescriptions and More Safely Inside Can of Corn That Is A Hiding Diversion Safe.
Can Safe Country TimeCan Safe Country TimeCountry Time Diversion Safe Can includes Hidden Compartment that You Can Safely Hide Valuables Money Jewelry and Even Prescriptions Out in the Open
Can Safe Engine DegreaserCan Safe Engine DegreaserEngine Degreaser Can with Hidden Safe Compartment.
Can Safe Ginger AleCan Safe Ginger AleDiversion Safe Can Doubles as Ginger Ale Soda with Hidden Compatment You Can Safely Hide Valuables Inside.
Can Safe Hawaiian PunchCan Safe Hawaiian Punch
Can Safe Paint QUARTCan Safe Paint QUARTHidden Compartment Inside a Paint Can (Nobody Will Know Your Valuables Are Inside) and Are Safe.
Can Safe PeanutsCan Safe PeanutsAuthentic Apperance Can of Peanuts with Hidden Compartment Insideto Safely Hide Valuables Prescriptions and More.
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